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The Shenandoah: A Floor Plan You’ll Never Lose Sleep Over

August 14, 2018

Pop quiz: what activity do we spend more hours doing each week than any other?

Even if you’re on your third cup of coffee, it’s a no brainer, right? It’s sleep. Sure, we deal with occasional late nights at the office and intermittent bouts of insomnia, but it’s tough to find anything else that claims more time in our average day.

Now compare the time you spend (or should spend) sleeping to the time you spend looking at a prospective Model Home or floor plan — and looking specifically for how it will make your eight-ish hours of beauty rest comfortable, convenient, and healthy. It doesn’t add up, does it? Granted, you may look for the presence of a first-floor owner’s suite, plenty of square footage, and his and hers vanities. But these don’t necessarily equate to more sleep.

With the Shenandoah, we have designed an innovative floor plan with your sleep (and the sleep of your better half) in mind.


When looking to build a new construction home with your significant other, you may squabble over homesite locations or disagree over flooring. It’s because you complete each other. In the same way your opinions on material things can differ, your sleep habits may also widely diverge. But it’s something we rarely talk about.

Today more than one in four couples sleep in separate rooms, and 70 percent spend at least one night a month catching Zzzz’s (or at least trying to) in different quarters. Sometimes it’s because couples have different schedules, or opposing views on keeping the TV on. But the main culprit? Snoring. Unfortunately, snoring doesn’t get better with age. And try as you will to cancel the noise with headphones or a pillow pressed against each ear, it rarely does the trick.


That’s where the Shenandoah’s thoughtful design comes into play. The Shenandoah floor plan features a unique Snore & More flex room adjacent to the first-floor Owner’s Suite. Sure, this could be a standalone office or an exercise room. But its most popular use? As a second bedroom. We even offer an optional door leading from the Snore & More Room to the owner’s bath, creating an adjoining owner’s suite that’s much more practical than dual-suite style. Just imagine you and your significant other both waking up refreshed and ready to take on the day. And the only price to pay? Making one more bed.

It’s easy to lose sleep second-guessing whether you chose the right floor plan. We get it. But that’s never a problem with the Shenandoah. Swing by the Villas at Ashford Hill today and open your eyes to a better way to catch some shut-eye.

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