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Put Time on Your Side at StyleCraft’s 55+ Communities

July 27, 2018

What would you do with 350 hours (or more)?

Read? Nap? Take up a new hobby, such as scrapbooking or Taekwondo? Spend more quality time with friends and family — even entertaining them at your place?

The possibilities are endless. But first, you need to find those 350 hours, which is nearly seven hours a week or one hour a day. And that doesn’t come easy.

One way to put time back on your side is to Live Up at a StyleCraft Homes 55+ community, where we handle everything from lawn care to routine maintenance. We understand that 350 hours may sound like a lot of time, but we’ve taken a minute to add up all the time savings our active-adult communities deliver homeowners, using U.S. Department of Labor numbers and double-checking our math.

Here is a breakdown of how StyleCraft’s 55+ communities add up to more free time than you ever imagined…

The Grass is Greener (and Shorter) Here

You’ve put in your time. You’ve mowed lawns, trimmed hedges, spread mulch, raked leaves, and pruned trees. Odds are, you’ve put in 66 hours a year, or 11 minutes a day — on average — maintaining your yard. And what about all the money you spent on gas for the mower, fertilizer for the lawn — or maybe even paid someone else to keep it all looking pretty? There has to be a better way, and there is at StyleCraft’s 55-plus communities, sweet spots where you can also use this newfound time to hit the pool, tennis courts, walking trails, and more (depending on the amenities offered by your community.) So, put down that weed spray and free yourself from those garden gloves

Dust Up Your Cleaning Routine

Cleaning is part of life. Sometimes we take it on ourselves; and sometimes we outsource it to some professionals. Either way, the last thing you want to be doing is wasting time or money cleaning and maintaining spaces that simply aren’t being used. Think about that third and fourth spare bedroom, which are vacant even when you’re entertaining guests, and collect dust and require upkeep the same as if they were being used daily. Add long empty hallways and big empty basements, and your wasted effort starts to come into focus. And this can take, on average, 183 hours a year, which is about 30 minutes a day. Our 55-plus homes are sized and designed to deliver plenty of big, open spaces without cramping your style or creating unnecessary work. Go ahead and grab the book you’ve been eyeballing, and breeze through it without feeling guilty you’re not wrangling dust bunnies instead.

Escape the D.I.Y. Time Vacuum

Your weekend to-do list shouldn’t have chapters. But minor home repair and exterior maintenance can get out of control quickly — amounting to 44 hours a year or 7 minutes a day, on average. Instead of cleaning the gutters or getting that tricky screen door back on track, doesn’t hosting an outdoor happy hour with friends and neighbors sound better? That’s what we thought. Cheers!

Stop ‘Stairing’ — and Start Living Up

Up, down, up, down. This was likely your daily routine at your old place: up to bring the fresh laundry, down to check on the sauce you’re prepping for dinner, back up make the beds, then down again to answer the front door. It’s exhausting just reading this, nonetheless going through the actual motions. Add the inconveniences of navigating through tight hallways and a poorly conceived floor plan, and it’s easy to see how a first-floor living home featuring an intuitive layout and wide-open spaces can make your life more efficient. In fact, you can put 61 hours a year, or 10 minutes a day, back in your pocket. Consider using the time for your preferred workout — maybe some laps at the community pool or trading a few strokes at the courts.

This list could go on and on thanks to the features and efficiencies we build into our 55+ communities. Be sure to spend a little time researching all of our active-adult communities to see which possess the amenities you’re truly interested in partaking in. Maybe you perked up to the idea of walking trails or love the thought of sharing a community garden to help new friendships come into bloom. All these options Live Up, especially when you have time on your side.