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Different by Design: Three-Season Room

October 10, 2018

It’s not enough to build a home of uncompromised quality from foundation to ceiling. To truly create homes and communities that stand above others, and stand out in the minds of homebuyers like you, we need to create distinctive designs with a compelling purpose behind each. This approach is reflected in our “Design with a Difference” building philosophy, and also in this blog series, which we’re calling “Different by Design.” Here, we’ll dig into the key features that set our homes and floor plans apart from the pack. We’ll talk about why we made these design choices, and how they raise the bar for everyday living.


Sometimes, you’re comfortable inside your house, protected from the elements and even chatty neighbors. Other times, you long for the Great Outdoors, whether you’re tending the garden or blazing a trail with your friends and neighbors while the sun rises above. But you know what’s even better than choosing? Spending some quality time in a three-season room, which combines the comforts of home with the views of the world around you. It’s an inviting space that’s our elevated take on the traditional patio or deck. But how does it work and when is the right time to claim the three-season room as your sweet spot? We have a few ideas…


We’ve already pumped up the three-season room without providing more than a thumbnail sketch of what it entails. Here’s a clearer picture: a three-season room is a more versatile alternative to a traditional screened-in porch, which you can only enjoy for maybe half the year. Because a three-season room includes moveable, floor-to-ceiling glass windows and screens, homeowners can invite in as much or as little natural air as possible, dialing in the ideal temperature just right whether it’s April, July or October.


Now that you’ve had a peek at how three-season rooms can add a flexible refuge to your home, here are a few more reasons homebuyers welcome them with open arms:

  • Pests and rain be gone! Outdoor living areas are great gathering spots, until they’re overrun by ants, mosquitos, and more. With a three-season room, you can keep out the elements while avoid going buggy, too.
  • Regulating the environment is a breeze: Sometimes, a cool, natural breeze is preferred to the cold blast of air conditioning, which can drown out the sweet sounds of nature. On any day you can let the air in, as much or little as you desire, whenever you fancy.
  • Transform your backyard into a postcard: With sweeping, unobstructed views of your yard and beyond, the three-season room’s floor-to-ceiling windows frame up picturesque views fit for sharing.

Here is the thing about a StyleCraft three-season room: the potential is wide open. Maybe it becomes the kids favorite spot to play, your semi-private reading nook, or the ideal space to share a bottle of wine with friends. This indoor-outdoor living space is yours to explore and embrace as you see fit. Are you ready to uncork the possibilities?