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Top 5 New Construction Home Myths — And Why They’re Wrong

September 26, 2018

When you’ve never experienced the homebuilding process, it’s easy to buy into any number of myths about it. For example, your new construction home is going to be super expensive, right? Well, not really. And it’s going to look just like every other house on the block, huh? Ah, nope.

In fact, you’ll discover that once you have built a home, it’s even easier to bust these same myths apart. But until you build your first home, it requires a tiny leap of faith on your part, and we’re right here to provide that extra boost to make it easy.

Let’s take a minute to detail some of the most popular misinformation that’s spread about building your dream home from scratch — and set the record straight.

MYTH #1: New Construction $ > Resale $

This is probably the most frequently spread myth about building a new construction home: it’s going to cost an arm, a leg, and that master bath you really, really had your mind set on. Here is the problem most people make when comparing the price of a resale home to a new construction home: they don’t dig deeper. A new construction home comes with new appliances, pipes, cooling systems, flooring, and more. Plus, you’ve already had the chance to customize this lighting fixture or that paint color. With resale houses, the meter starts when you walk in the door. Not only are you years closer to buying a new dishwasher or HVAC system, but there are likely contractor and DIY expenses tied to customizing the home to fit your style and needs. That’s time and money. Finally, when you add new home advantages such as energy-efficient appliances and a warranty you can call upon to cover costly repairs, it becomes abundantly clear that new construction homes pack a ton of long-term value you need to take into account.


We have to admit that not all new construction homes are built equally. Neither are all homebuilders. At StyleCraft, we pride ourselves on designing floor plans that are both timeless and innovative. And we further differentiate our homes by giving homeowners the opportunity to make interior and exterior design selections, as well as choose structural options, that not only set their home apart from the neighbors, but also capture their own unique style and personality. Of course, at the same time, we do want to ensure that there is a cohesive look shared by all homes within each community, and that there is no “that home” — you know, the funky house everyone rolls their eyes at when they drive or walk past.


Not only is this a myth, but similar to financing a new car vs. a used car, you’ll often find greater flexibility financing the fresher choice. For example, with a resale home, you might not qualify to purchase a “fixer upper” requiring substantial repairs — or you may need to make repairs before signing off on your loan. At StyleCraft, we go the extra mile by partnering with four Preferred Lenders who are able to get you the best rates and terms. And because we’re experience at working together, we can streamline the entire mortgage process.


There is admittedly an attraction with resale homes in that you have your pick from different decades and design periods. You can also hone in on homes where the previous owners built up the character and visual interest, from installing two-tier decks and backyard koi ponds to basement bars and elaborate master suites. We believe that new construction homes can have character, too, from varying elevations to innovative flex rooms and big, open spaces. And we work carefully to integrate these unexpected extra touches and modern design elements, building our floor plans based on homebuyer input so that they’re both interesting and well suited to your lifestyle.


We get it; it’s a natural inclination to go with the lowest cost builder — and then figure the rest out later. But by taking a deeper look at all the costs tied to building a new home — the specific home you want to build — only then will you know which builders are a real value. For example, find out what features come included with the home, drive through communities they’ve built to get a first-hand look at the home quality, and see what the warranty actually includes. Then take it one step further: do the available floor plans match up well to your lifestyle? Study available blue prints, take interactive tours, and better yet, walk through a Model Home. Know that bigger isn’t necessarily better; a smart layout with big spaces and open flow can easily trump some extra square footage. Finally, give extra consideration to local builders. Not only do they know the area, and the best spots to build, but because this is their town, they’re built to provide a level of customer service that that draws new homebuyers and keeps current ones coming back. This is exactly how we do it at StyleCraft Homes.

To learn more about how we build homes that truly Live Up, check out “Why Build with Us.”

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