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Different by Design: Nooks

November 26, 2018

It’s not enough to build a home of uncompromising quality from foundation to ceiling. To truly create homes and communities that stand above others, and stand out in the minds of homebuyers like you, we need to create distinctive designs with a compelling purpose behind each. This approach is reflected in our “Design with a Difference” building philosophy, and also in this blog series, which we’re calling “Different by Design.” Here, we dig into the key features that set our homes and floor plans apart from the pack. We’ll talk about why we made these design choices, and how they raise the bar for everyday living

At StyleCraft Homes, you may notice that we talk a lot about our big, open spaces — inside and outside our homes. And while these are certainly a hallmark of our superior craftsmanship, we also take great pride in the quaint and cozy spaces we’ve created, too. Our nooks are versatile features, sometimes offering attractive and efficient storage solutions. Other times, they welcome us as that perfect, private spot to escape and read a book (hence, your “book nook”) or rest (naps are underrated, right?). Nooks are popping up more and more as a fashionable trend in today’s homes. And we’re not following the trend — we’re setting it. Here is how we’re doing it…


You need a comfortable place to pay the bills or create that spreadsheet. We get it. But you don’t want to give up valuable square footage when all you need is a place to put a desk — and a little peace and quiet. That’s where the pocket office comes in. This centrally located space, which is often positioned off the kitchen, allows you to productively multi-task. And in our Ivy Model Home, you’ll see that the pocket office located right beside the Laundry Room lets you online bank, wash, fold, and repeat.


Status Update: There may be no sweeter spot to surf social media on a tablet or relax with a page-turning novel than a bedroom nook. Just image stretching out or snuggling up in a window-side nook. This is your time to let a little tranquility wash over you and soak in some much-needed “me time.”


Lots of stuff to stow? Concerned about clutter wrecking your Feng Shui? Strategically located storage nooks provide space to store everything from holiday decorations to photo albums, and more. If you need storage that packs a punch, try on our Holly floor plan or Saunders Station Townes Camden Quick Move-In Homes for size. With a two-car garage featuring 64 square feet of built-in storage space, you can avoid having random corners of your home quickly collect clutter.

Whether you’re seeking a serene space to decompress, an area to put in some overtime, or simply storage solutions that provide easy in-and-out access, nooks are a great look. Swing by StyleCraft Model Homes to see how nooks can reshape and revitalize your lifestyle.