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Decked Out: Holiday Decorating Inspiration & Tips

December 4, 2018

Before you untangle big balls of lights, buy that life-size plastic reindeer and sleigh set, or bring out a roofer to accommodate the 20’ tree you always wanted, take a moment and think about your holiday décor plan in the big picture. Sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start, what works best together, or how to buck unwritten decorating rules without making it awkward with neighbors. (Maybe that gingerbread pool house that drew all the neighborhood’s cats, dogs, and raccoons was a bit too much in hindsight.)

As part of our Deck the Homes Holiday Tour, we’re sharing some stress-free tips to help your holiday décor stand out for all the right reasons. As an added bonus, we’ll even share where to see these tips in action at StyleCraft’s Model Homes that we’ve decorated for the holidays:


It’s where the cookies cool, where new holiday cards are dropped, and where the extended family comes together. The formal dining room table (or even café) is a focal point come the holiday season. It’s also a sweet spot to test out more daring décor, such as glitter pinecones, before deploying them wall to wall. Try garlands, fierce candles, and a touch of wood for some timeless appeal.
Where to see it on display: At our Berkley Model Home in Saunders Station Townes, where we’ve teamed up with Jessica Claudio of Claude Designs to decorate the café table with candles, spice, and everything nice!


Red and green are great, but they can also grate on your eyes when that’s all you see this season. This year, try something a bit bolder: neutral colors, bold blacks, blue and navy, or even subtle hints of silver and gold. You can be a holiday décor trailblazer —just like that first family that attached plush reindeer antlers to their minivan — only not.
Where to see it on display: At Villas at Ashford Hill, Jennifer Staneart with AGG Redesigns decked out our Shenandoah Model Home with natural hues, which play off of the coastal-flavored furnishings. Expect to see nature-inspired ornaments, touches of silver, and greenery-a-plenty.


Repeat after us: It’s OK to get a fake tree. It’s OK to get a fake tree. It’s OK — you get the drift. Sure, driving an hour from town with a saw and some gloves is a great family outing. But the minute you need to tie a tree to your car, it can become a drag. There is the sticky sap, the constant watering and the sweeping up of needles. Artificial trees pose several advantages over their authentic counterparts. For starters, you can bend the branches just right to arrange the ornaments as you like. And, when you’re done, simply fold them up and stick them back in the closet, attic, or shed. Fast forward a few years, and you’ll also save a few bucks!
Where to see it on display: At Greenwich Walk Villas, Elizabeth Landers with Doe Eyed Boutique is bringing the outdoors in with artificial trees that mirror the real thing. You’ll see a cluster of trees in the outdoor living area, and an indoor tree that accents the open family room perfectly.


If you choose to dress your home in neutral colors, you’re going to want to add a little pizazz. And an ideal way to glitz and glam up your décor is with gold, silver and sparkle accents. For example, tie a glowing gold bow onto a traditional wreath or display candles in all the right places to cast light on shimmering surfaces and brighten up the mood.
Where to see it on display: On the fourth floor of Saunders Station Townes, Jill Johns with Transformations by Jill is taking the elegance of big, floral wallpaper and gold accented furniture, and turning it up a notch. Holiday décor including touches of magnolia and gold accents, along with ornaments and table-top items such as a gold deer antler, are sure to elevate the elegance of this space.

To see these holiday tips come to life, join us for the Deck the Homes Holiday Tour, taking place now through December 31. You’ll have the chance to tour three decorated Model Homes featuring holiday designs by four top Richmond-based designers.