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Beyond the Blueprint: Checking Boxes Before Moving Boxes

September 9, 2019

You talked to our team. You reviewed the website. You drove through our communities and walked through our Model Homes. But you’re still curious: what’s it really like to build a home with StyleCraft? We’re glad you asked. In our “Beyond the Blueprint” series, we’ll follow Sue, a real homebuyer who’s excited to call the Villas at Ashford Hill home. Join us as we part the curtain and discover why the StyleCraft Building Experience Lives Up from start to finish — and beyond.

Remember Sue? Yes, you do. And you remember her under-construction home, which when we last checked in, was in the Frame Stage. Well, a lot has happened since we navigated through 2×4 studs alongside Sue. A lot. Spoiler alert: her home is complete!

But before the big and dramatic reveal — and we leave Sue to Live Up on her own — we want to walk you through her final two construction phase appointments. After all, the whole point of this blog series is to provide total transparency into the StyleCraft Homes building experience. So, here we go…

Getting Oriented

Remember when you started a new job? Or a new school? Orientation was usually the kick-off to that new adventure. Here, the Homeowner Orientation occurs toward the end of the homebuilding adventure. Sue joined Ryan, a member of our Warranty team, at her gorgeous new home. The “meeting” is actually a demonstration of Sue’s new home appliances, as well as taking a moment to confirm that all of Sue’s selections are installed correctly and cosmetic surfaces look like new.

Basically, the orientation amounts to taking the home for a test drive — flipping switches, demonstrating how the hot water heater works, touring the home’s interior, exterior, unfinished space, and so on — all-the-while noting any items requiring attention. Finally, Sue and Ryan reviewed home warranty materials so that everyone was on the same page.

The Final Countdown

OK, ok, we don’t actually count down the minutes and seconds until Sue transitions from homebuyer to homeowner. But we do perform a Home Confirmation Tour, which is the final meeting between the homebuyer and a StyleCraft team member before closing. During this meeting, Sue and Ryan got together again to review the items she noted as needing additional attention. Ryan also provided a final review of warranty procedures, shared emergency contact info in the unlikely event something went awry, and reminded Sue that a member from his team would be meeting with her 60 days after her settlement during her Primary Warranty Visit.

The hardest part for homeowners during these final check-ins is often trying to push the anticipation and excitement aside temporarily, and ensuring they’re listening to all the important information we’re relaying. We totally get it (and we don’t mind repeating ourselves a few times.)