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Design Studio Your Way | StyleCraft’s Design Studio in Richmond

September 18, 2019

When you build a home, you want it to look, feel, and act like home. One that anticipates your every move.

In fact, this ability to incorporate your style and imprint your personal touch is among the most popular reasons homebuyers opt to build new vs. pore over resale homes listings.

At StyleCraft, we’ve built and fine-tuned a Design Studio Experience that’s one of a kind. In fact, our homebuyers routinely tell us that exploring our 2,000-sq-foot Design Studio alongside their Design Consultant sits atop their homebuying highlight reel.

As part of this experience, you’ll actually get to step inside the Design Studio twice — first during what’s called a Structural Confirmation, during which you’ll meet your Design Consultant. And then there’s the Design Selections appointment, the big day when all the decisions are officially made. We say “officially” because there are ample opportunities to hone in your style during the lead-up to your design selection spree.

Here’s a closer look at how you can prepare for your Design Selections Appointment before the big day even arrives…

Make Your Style Click with Design Studio Manager

Design Studio Manager, or DSM for short, is an interactive, online experience that allows you to preview interior and exterior home selections available in the Design Studio — before your actual Selections Appointment. You can even point and click your way to a Wish List with real-time pricing, which you can then submit to your Design Consultant so that everyone is on the same page. Mix and match selections, test out your favorite finishes — and watch your home come together.

Dial In Your Style

How would you describe your personal style?” Some of you jump to answer such a question, sharing preferred Pantones, art history periods, and even foreign words and phrases. Other may pause and let out a big, “Hmmm.” Your personal aesthetic informs your home décor — which means if your style is undefined, your home design will be, too. The days and weeks leading up to your Design Selections appointment is prime time to search the world and Web for inspiration, scanning neighbors’ kitchens for counter top ideas and Pinterest for potential appliance options. The next step is to take this framework to the Design Studio Manager, finding the fixtures and tiles that fit in with your newly crystallized style.

Find Muse in Our Models

Cruising through one or more of our Model Homes provides unique insight into how your canvas — a StyleCraft home — and your palette, which comprises all available selections, can work together. Bonus points if your chosen floor plan matches our Model Home, which can make the potential synergy of appliances, cabinets, and more even more relevant.

Get Your Bearings

Now it’s time to join your Sales Consultant and Design Consultant to get the lay of the land during your Structural Confirmation Appointment. Here you’ll review your floor plan blueprints and tour the Design Studio for the first time. It’s your time to look around, ask questions, and plot your strategy for the big day.

Don’t Lose Sight of Your Bottom Line

Without keeping one eye on the budget you’ve allocated for design selections, it can be easy to spend it all — just in the kitchen. Your best bet is to break down your budget by key areas of the home, from the exterior to your master suite. But yes, the kitchen will likely claim the bulk of your design selection budget.

It may seem like a lot but trust us: it’s not. Plus, simply performing the above steps ensures that you won’t walk into your Design Selections appointment feeling completely overwhelmed. You’ll be focused, energized, and ready to bring your home design to life. Happy Designing!