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The Benefits of Working With StyleCraft’s Preferred Lenders

August 13, 2021

From the floor to the ceiling, and the heating system to the plumbing, StyleCraft’s homes are more than the sum of our efforts alone. We’ve built a network of well-vetted, trusted vendors in order to build homes that Live Up in every way. And we mean every way, including the financing of your new home.

StyleCraft’s Preferred Lenders play a critical role in the homebuying process — providing a full selection of products, superior service, and competitive prices. But there’s more to it than that; we share values and a familiar rhythm of working together that we believe makes this the very best option for financing your new StyleCraft home.

And it’s not just us that believes this — 95 percent of our homeowners chose to work with our Preferred Lenders. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of working with StyleCraft’s Preferred Lenders.

Read more on what preferred lenders are and why you should use one.


Homebuying is a fast-moving process, that at times, erupts in a frenzy of urgent requests and fast turnarounds. A missed email here or voicemail there can result in delays and worse. Because we’ve integrated our lenders into the homebuying process, they never miss a beat. This includes having lenders attend weekly meetings with the StyleCraft team to discuss the status of your loan and new home (and all loans in process for StyleCraft customers). When everyone is on the same page, homebuying can go remarkably smooth — a result that’s not as easily achieved when lenders are learning our processes on the fly.


Choosing one of our Preferred Lenders in no way limits your financing options. In fact, quite the opposite is true. We partner with lenders who offer a wide range of options and specialties, including USDA loans, HECM loans, government loans — and the list goes on. By partnering with multiple financial institutions, we ensure that there’s always at least one program best suited for your unique financial situation. And your New Home Sales Consultant will be there to help guide you to the lender best matched to your needs.


We understand that when you’re working with our Preferred Lenders, you might as well be working with StyleCraft Homes. Hence, we only invite lenders we would stake our well-built reputation on. You might be thinking, “That sounds great, but what does it really mean?” It means your lender will be available seven days a week via phone and email to assist you with your new loan. Plus, they are in constant communication with our Sales & Settlements team. This commitment ensures that no matter who you talk to about your new home loan, you’ll experience outstanding customer service from people who are well-versed on your specific loan.


Ultimately, it’s your decision as to whether you’ll use a StyleCraft Preferred Lender vs. finding one on your own. But here are some of the frequent pitfalls of choosing one that falls outside our recommendations:

  • Long-distance relationships are inefficient. Out-of-state lenders won’t know the local market as well and may suffer from communication gaps.
  • Inexperience shows at the worst time. Our Preferred Lenders have earned the top reputations in town. By choosing an upstart lender that’s off our radar, you open yourself up to unnecessary risk.
  • Financing resale homes isn’t the same as financing new construction. There are nuances to helping a homebuyer find the best program to finance a new-construction home, that when ignored or misunderstood, can result in a poorly chosen loan.

We have chosen our Preferred Lenders because they’re the best around at what they do. Period. Together, we’ve then created a seamless buying experience that puts the homebuyer first at every turn. Now that we’ve told you all about the benefits of working with these trusted partners, take a moment to get to know them.