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Why 2021 is the Best Year for 55+ to Downsize

August 25, 2021

Maybe the kids finally flew the coop and retirement is on the horizon. Or you’re fed up with heating, cooling, and cleaning unused rooms — and you hear the siren song of the seller’s market.

Perhaps you’ve seen how 55 plus communities can both simplify and enhance your lifestyle, from first-floor living to impressive community amenities. And the list goes on.

There are a lot of reasons for downsizing your home. And because this can be such a life-changing decision, all the pros and cons of leaving your current home and exploring 55+ homes for sale need to be considered.

Through the years, StyleCraft has worked with many Active-Adults considering the move to 55 plus communities. With all of those conversations and market knowledge in mind, we’ve put together our Top 5 Reasons for Downsizing Your Home in 2021.


Low interest rates alone can be enough to spark your search for 55+ homes for sale. One of the best reasons to downsize for retirement is that you’re able to lock in on an attractive rate — ideally on a 10, 15, or 20-year loan vs. a 30-year fixed-rate loan with a higher rate. Downsizing your home provides a prime opportunity to choose a shorter-term loan and pay it off faster, ultimately saving thousands in interest payments.


In a hot real estate market, offers on your current home may surpass your wildest expectations. And when you’re sitting in the driver’s seat of a seller’s market, you may soon realize that the equity may be enough to downsize your home with a hefty down payment — or better yet — make an all-cash offer. Of all the downsizing tips we could offer, this is likely #1: if you have the opportunity to buy 55+ homes for sale without a mortgage, do it! (We almost forgot: be cautious of all-cash “iBuyer” organizations that can actually cost you in the end. See tip #5 in this Forbes article for more information.)


Downsizing for retirement to 55 plus communities can create a healthy bottom line for years to come. That’s one of our pro-level downsizing tips: smaller, newer homes will cost substantially less to maintain and update than larger, older homes. Some of this has to do with size, but downsizing your home to 55+ homes for sale also means you’re likely moving into a home that meets modern building codes. And then, if you take out a mortgage, odds are you’ll be cutting a smaller check each month — leaving more money in your pocket.


Did you know that 55+ homes for sale can bring family and friends together like never before? There are a number of reasons why downsizing your current house to a home in one of StyleCraft Homes’ 55 plus communities makes these bonds stronger. For starters, with a new home — plus lawn care and exterior maintenance taken care of — your weekend to-do lists will shrink before your eyes. And that puts time on your side. Add open floor plans with big, inviting spaces ideal for entertaining and first-floor living featuring a guest bedroom, and your StyleCraft home will be the go-to spot for get-togethers. (Learn even more ways downsizing your home can expand family time)


Here’s the thing about downsizing for retirement to 55 plus communities: you’ll be surrounded by neighbors traveling in the same lane of life as you. With generous community amenities and open floor plans, StyleCraft’s Freestyle communities are primed for get-togethers, holiday parties, and more. And who knows; if you can take advantage of a seller’s market, maybe you’ll have a little extra jingle in your pocket to upgrade your grill or furniture — and be “the home” to visit on your block.

“Downsizing your home.” Just the sound of it makes it sound like you’re losing something. But in reality, by taking advantage of the seller’s market and right-sizing to 55+ homes for sale, you’re gaining so much for what’s shaping up to be your best chapter yet.