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Spring Landscaping Tips Worth Digging Into

March 16, 2017

You’re pretty sure you heard the distant buzz of a lawn mower yesterday. The faint aroma of fire-roasted corn on the cob just crept over from your neighbor’s grill. And your garden clogs are calling.

Spring is coming. It’s time to make sure your home will Live Up outside and inside. Our landscaping expert took some time to pick out and prune seasonal tips just in time for Mother Nature to give the green light to Spring.

Lay The Groundwork

Whether you make 17 trips to the garden supply store or back up a pick-up truck overflowing with mulch, the rule is the same: once the soil is warm and dry, spread a fresh 2-inch layer of mulch to deter weeds and retain moisture.

Take A Little Off The Top

Removing dead or damaged branches helps healthy ones thrive. Trim and thin summer-blooming shrubs, such as hydrangeas and roses, and prune spring-blooming shrubs and trees after they begin flowering.

Prime Seeds For Good Growth

Don’t just drop a seed in the soil and cross your fingers. Plant them in pots indoors and then transfer them outdoors when Spring arrives. You can even freeze some types of them beside the leftover lasagna to save for next year.

Free Your Veggies

As long as dogs and pests aren’t a problem, consider planting your vegetables outside the confines of the traditional garden. Experiment with the front yard and flower beds, even blending these edibles with ornamentals, as long as there is dirt and sun.

Add Natural Curb Appeal

Trees and shrubs can shape up your yard and add value to your home’s bottom line. Be sure to plant them in early Spring when it’s still moist. But avoid planting them too deep — the place where the root meets the trunk should be just above the soil level.

Turn The Page On Planting Fails

Document all your successes and near misses in the garden and yard in a journal, complete with careful notes and telling photos. You’ll grow into an accomplished landscaper and gardener soon enough. And you’ll be able to post a picture of that weird beetle on Facebook.

Remember, the first impression anyone has of your home happens in the yard. So be sure to spread some love beyond your walls. Contact StyleCraft Homes today to learn more.