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StyleCraft’s Design Studio: The Most Fun Part of Buying A Home

March 28, 2017

You selected your new community, homesite, and floor plan. Your loan application is signed, sealed, and delivered. Now comes the fun part!

StyleCraft’s Design Studio is 2,000-plus square feet of final touches, finishing accents, and more. Yes, we work wholeheartedly to design homes around the way you live, but only you know how to dial in those few remaining details to make a StyleCraft home feel like your home. Here, you’ll make the important selections that express your tastes and personality, bridging your home and lifestyle in a seamless and serendipitous experience that’s entirely by design.

Meet Your Matchmakers

How do you distill the grand vision for your new home into individual design selections? With a little bit of help from the StyleCraft team. We’ve seen it all, from homebuyers who just can’t decide between two lighting options to those seeking to color coordinate their carpets with their furniture and current mood. Here is a quick look at the folks who will ensure your home design experience will Live Up beyond what you even imagined:

  • New Home Sales Consultants: These are your assistant curators, associate second guessers, and your faithful companions for the entirety of your Live Up home buying experience. They know you, and by now they know your tastes, too. Our New Home Sales Consultants helped you pick out your location and floor plan, and now they’ll be there with you as you decide on all the little details that make a big impact — and make sure that you don’t plan an overnight by our faucet collection.
  • Design Consultants: You like the beach, jazz music, and French cuisine. Those details alone are enough to give our Design Consultants meaningful insights on the best way to outfit your new home’s interior and exterior. They know the technical details of all our products and will help you work within your budget to make sure you go home happy. Plus, they’re always up on the latest trends. That article you brought over about ceiling fan feng shui? They read it!

Design Studio from StyleCraft Homes on Vimeo.

Small Details, Big Decisions

We’ve teased and talked around the actual design decisions you’ll make at this point, but what exactly will you decide at the Design Studio? Are you angling for carpeting or hardwood floors? (And did you check with the dog and kids?) Your new kitchen is already designed to be a thing of beauty, but will you emulate the style of Julia Child or Rachel Ray? And while it’s always most important what’s on the inside, can we talk about your home’s exterior? After all, you’re going to want the right lighting, siding, and stone when you’re hosting the neighborhood Wiffle Ball World Series during this year’s July 4 cookout.

This is just hint of the myriad of choices and considerations to make when visiting our Design Studio. It’s going to be exciting, whether you’re coming in tomorrow or just starting to look at StyleCraft Homes. We’ll make sure it’s a comfortable experience and give you everything you need to ensure that the choices you make Live Up to the vision for your new home.

To learn more about how a StyleCraft home can be designed around you, call us at 804.523.HOME.