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Now Trending: Top 2018 Home Design Looks

January 8, 2018

They all had their moment: shag carpeting, the two-in-one TV / VCR combo, and forest print wallpaper. And while some of these trends return years later as nostalgic nods to yesteryear, each year we look at the direction of our collective sensibilities, scan the cutting edge of cool, and make bold predictions about the fresh design trends you can incorporate in your own home with relative ease.

After all, we’re deploying these design techniques in our Model Homes spread throughout the Greater Richmond area, so it just makes sense that we’d share them with you right here, too. Here are our predictions for 2018’s home design trends — and where you can find them on display in StyleCraft Model Homes.

1. Purple’s New Purpose

“Purple” may not rhyme with a single word of English, but it goes with a lot. Ultra Violet, a blue-based purple with just enough flash, was selected as Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year. Depending on how bold you intend to get in 2018, you might use a splash on an accent wall here or mix it in with some throw pillows there to make your couch the star attraction of the living room. Don’t worry, we checked with our optometrist; you can stare directly at Ultra Violet without worrying risking permanent eye damage.

Where to find it at StyleCraft: Head on over to our Cambria Cove Wilson Model Home and stroll through the family room. You’ll find Ultra Violet in artwork, throw pillows, and table-top accessories — all designed to give the larger pieces of the room, such as the couch, a nice pop of color.

 2. Put Your Room in Full Bloom 

It’s time to take the garden inside, figuratively speaking. We think 2018 will be the year of big, beautiful floral patterns. This is the evolution of the old school floral wallpaper you grew up rolling your eyes at in grandma’s kitchen. (But those made-from-scratch biscuits were sooo good, right?) Imagine large-scale, vibrant prints with bold hues. Big floral patterns are versatile, striking a bit of whimsy or even a wow factor, depending on how they’re executed within your space. If four walls of orchids and lilies are too much, pare down your plan to a wrap a single wall in a print you love to truly give a room some character.

Where to find it at StyleCraft: You don’t need a green thumb to spot this one. To see the modified floral wallpaper trend on display, swing over to our Greenwich Walk Villas Knox Model Home, where we’ve covered one wall of the Owner’s Suite with a bold, blue-toned floral paper.

 3. Warm Up the Bath 

Imagine walking into your owner’s suite bathroom and experiencing the serenity and relaxation typical of a swanky spa. In 2018, you won’t need to imagine it. You can experience it. Spa-inspired bathrooms are in, so slice up that cucumber and order a monogrammed robe. With luxurious features including shower heads that simulate rain, built-in-benches, and stand-alone soaker tubs, you’ll feel pampered and rejuvenated without having to leave home and shell out for an hour at that suburban strip mall oasis.

Where to find it at StyleCraft: With soothing, natural colors, a stand-alone tub, and a spacious shower, the Owner’s Bath at the Landing at Swift Creek’s Appomattox Model Home exemplifies the idea of a spa-inspired bathroom. Come check it out, relax, and picture yourself living in the lap of luxury. (But do share it with the other homebuyers.)

4. Believe in the Weave

Woven textures are about as old school as it gets, but they appear primed for a sweet resurgence in 2018. From baskets to ottomans and stools, as well as carpeting and headboards, woven materials always have a story to tell. Plus, with their reliable craftsmanship, they can help your home design double down on durability.

Where to find it at StyleCraft: Come belly up to the barstools at Stone Ridge’s Maple Model Home. You’ll probably notice the stools’ woven seating nicely complementing the white countertops. If it feels like it’s happy hour at your favorite island beach bar, it’s by design. Sit back, relax, and enjoy! It’s 5 o’clock somewhere… here!

 5. Heavy Metal Encore

It seems that in many home design trends through the years, metal makes a cameo. And it’s true. Gold, brass, silver, and bronze have had a lasting effect on home design over the years, and still have yet to rust. We think brass in particular will have a big year in 2018, making appearances in everything from lighting fixtures to cabinetry, serve ware, and bed frames. We don’t believe metal is going anywhere soon, thanks to the warmth and little bit of glamour it brings to anything it’s part of.

Where to find it at StyleCraft: While our Saunders Station Model Home is currently under construction in Short Pump, you’ll soon be able to see a striking brass bedframe that our Facebook fans helped us select for the guest suite. The overwhelming winner of our social media poll strikes a bright match with the dark and moody floral wallpaper that was another audience choice.

 6. The Curation for the Common Wall

 Lots of times it’s not so much that design trends simply fade to black, but that they morph and transform into something slightly different. Take word art and gallery walls, which are now being replaced by oversized wall art. Think one eye-catching piece that sparks creativity and conversation. These pieces come best in neutral tones with a single subject of focus. Also, half the fun is finding the right piece; don’t settle for the first framed art you find at the retail outlet — you know, the one that’s hanging on everyone else’s walls already.

Where to find it at StyleCraft: Our Knox Model Home in Greenwich Walk Villas features a neutral-colored image of a horse that is subtle in style and color. Its size makes it impossible to miss, as it acts as the staple piece to the first-floor flex room.

Now you have everything you need to be on the cutting-edge of home design in your community and beyond. And remember, if you want to come out and see how these styles work in real life, head on out to StyleCraft’s communities and visit our Model Homes.

To learn more about how you can bring these trends, and more, to life in a StyleCraft home, call us at 804.523.HOME today.