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Meet Savannah, The Brand Builder

October 9, 2017

“StyleCraft’s culture was actually one of the first things that attracted me to the company once I started doing some initial research (ahead of my interview)! I scoped out the social media pages, and remember seeing pictures of company outings and office gatherings, and thinking that it looked like a great place to work.”

About Savannah.

Savannah joined StyleCraft Homes as a Marketing Associate in December 2016. She relocated from North Carolina for the job and enjoys cooking, reading, traveling, and staying active.

Describe your Live Up moment… the moment you knew StyleCraft was right for you…

“On one of my first days at StyleCraft, I went out in the field with my manager to get familiar with all of our communities. I remember walking around the Model Homes and being so excited to jump into my role of marketing these beautiful products… I also remember walking up to the Cambria Cove Model Home one afternoon and seeing two or three kids who live next door (their family built a StyleCraft home), playing in a kiddie pool and the sprinklers in the front yard. They were running around and laughing, having such a great time at their home while their parents looked on. I remember thinking how profound it was that I’m a part of a team that helps create memories like that, which made me really proud.”

You can never show up for work at StyleCraft without…

“Organization and timeliness (I think that these two go hand-in-hand). When you’re working in a fast-paced environment, being organized is key to being successful. In addition, being organized will ensure that deadlines are met, and that you stay ahead of the ball, rather than behind it. I think that these skills are valued across the board.”

Describe your typical day….

“The largest role I have with StyleCraft is to aid in the creation of the branded content that potential customers see in and out of their home, including community-specific emails, direct mail, newspaper, and magazine advertisements, Facebook and Instagram ads, etc. My role in the creation of these pieces is to create a quarterly marketing calendar that lays out all of our deliverables. For each specific piece that goes out, I provide direction on the overall subject, then work with our copywriter and designers to make the piece come to life.

“I also work closely with our media agency, meeting weekly to ensure that all of our marketing mediums are aligned with our company objectives and our StyleCraft brand. In addition, I work on the social side of StyleCraft, providing content topics for various Facebook posts, and managing the company’s Instagram page.

“Most days, I’m at my desk. However, I do get out of the office to meet with various vendors, visit our Model Homes, or go out in the field to capture content for our social pages.

“If I take a step back from the day-to-day tasks, I would say one of the biggest responsibilities I have as a member of the Marketing team, is protecting the StyleCraft brand and ensuring that it’s properly communicated, both internally and externally.”

And the highlight is…

“I think the most exciting part of my job can also be the most challenging! When you’re trying to come up with marketing messages that are unique, creative, and different from what any other builder is putting out there, it can be challenging. If I put myself in the buyers’ shoes (or think about what I felt the first time I walked into our Model Homes), it can help to bring a new messaging point to life.

“Additionally, I love working with our vendors. They help StyleCraft’s brand and voice come to life, and working with them helps me to become more refined (and creative) in how I market our products.”