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How to Deck Out Your Favorite Spaces With Outdoor Fall Decorations

October 20, 2020

From firepits to outdoor Halloween decorations, fall in RVA calls for a festive makeover to our outdoor spaces.

Of course, before we decide on which outdoor decorations to hang and place, we need to create the spaces we’ll be filling up each season.

StyleCraft has done the homework for you, providing tips and tricks for choosing the right-fit spaces and then appointing them with DIY outdoor Halloween decorations, inviting Thanksgiving touches, and other seasonal décor. Let’s get started!


Depending on which StyleCraft community and floor plan you choose to Live Up in, you may be able to select from a patio, screened-in porch, 3-season room, sky terrace, or back deck. The key to creating inviting outdoor spaces is to match them to your home and lifestyle. An outdoor reading nook and entertaining space probably aren’t built the same. Likewise, if your space is really a canvas for outdoor Halloween decorations, you probably care less about privacy and more about visibility.


Remember, these are outdoor spaces that we’re talking about. And while outdoor fall decorations add to ambiance, they don’t help handle the elements. Be sure to think about how comfortable you’ll be when that cool autumn air starts wandering into your porch or deck. And what if summer lingers on or winter makes an early appearance? A ceiling fan (if you have a ceiling) can be a breath of fresh air when it’s unseasonably warm. (Pro tip: a fan can also help DIY outdoor Halloween decorations take flight; think tiny cutout witches attached to each blade.) Outdoor decorations can warm guests hearts, but that’s about it. Consider an outdoor fireplace, free-standing fire pit, or standing heaters for those especially bone-chilling nights.


The temperature is just right. And the outdoor Halloween decorations are set up to delight. All that’s missing a comfy spot for you and your guests. Furniture plays a big role in turning our outdoor spaces into welcoming places. Be sure to select chairs and couches for form and function — having spots to stow the other three seasonal outdoor decorations is extremely convenient. You can also store blankets and extra throw pillows to bring the comfort up a notch or two.


Don’t leave your family or guests in the dark. Lighting is a brilliant way to make outdoor spaces more inviting. Need a spark? Edison bulbs can be incorporated year-round, making your outdoor living space radiant throughout the warm and cool seasons (and removing the tedious work of repeatedly setting them up and taking them down). Lanterns are another go-to light source, especially during the fall. You can easily create memorable DIY outdoor Halloween decorations by housing them inside pumpkins or staging them on an outdoor tabletop as an eye-catching accent.


We’ve mentioned outdoor Halloween decorations and other seasonal accents throughout, but now it’s time to dedicate some space to them. Let’s start with wreaths and fall-themed garlands, which are a simple way to bring nature into your outdoor space. Be sure to coordinate colors to match the season and incorporate your personal style. Other ideas for showing off fall flare include adding floral arrangements and gourds. Then there’s pumpkins, which spice up your options for DIY outdoor Halloween decorations any way you slice it. Choose a modern approach by opting for a white pumpkin display, creating a monochromatic scheme that allows you to add color and holiday-inspired décor. Or, go the family-friendly route of carving pumpkins into spooky shapes and your favorite characters.

Outdoor living areas Live Up just fine on their own. But with the right furniture, lighting, outdoor decorations, and more, they can be a seasonal treat this fall and every season.