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Flex Rooms Pose Countless Possibilities

February 10, 2017

How can so many different families Live Up in a StyleCraft home?

It’s all by design, of course.

We’ve carefully designed lifestyles, floor plans, and features to accommodate a broad range of homeowners — and each of their specific habits and preferences. But that’s not all we do.

There’s an added feature that helps you find your comfort zone, without compromise: flex rooms. These multi-faceted rooms provide homeowners with more than one way to use the same square footage. A flex room can be the ideal spot for visiting family and friends to rest in comfort. Or your favorite quiet place to unwind with a book. And just because you design it one way, flex rooms don’t need to stay that way forever.

Here is a closer look at some of the popular ways in which StyleCraft homeowners choose to customize their flex rooms:

How Suite it Is

You can never have enough bedrooms. Just ask anyone who’s hosted an extended family holiday soiree. That’s why converting your flex room into a guest suite can make a lot of sense. Part of being a great host is providing guests with privacy and comfort, minus the mini soap and deposit for incidentals. StyleCraft flex rooms include options such as walk-in closets and full bathrooms, which transform an everyday bedroom into a well-appointed suite. While guests come and go, families grow. So today’s guest suite might have a more long-term resident down the road.

Reading the Room

If everyone under your roof gets a say in how to bring your flex room to life, then a study might be in the cards for you. Call it a library, office, classroom, or quiet zone. Designed for careful contemplation, focused work, or simply escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life, this is a place everyone can enjoy. Some of StyleCraft’s flex room floor plans give you the option to add a walk-in-closet — great for storing supplies — and an adjoining powder room. Whether you’re on a deadline or reading purely for leisure, a study is a smart way to turn the page on stifling and constrained home design.

Make it Your Own

There are plenty of other ways to tailor a flex room for your needs and lifestyle. Depending on the floor plan, you may be able to add a fireplace, double doors that lead into your study, or even a sitting room, located just off the owner’s suite. We’ve also heard from many StyleCraft homeowners who say their flex room has provided the ideal location for a play room. This keeps the rising tide of children’s toys from drowning the living room and creates a little peace and quiet, every now and then. Other ideas for outfitting your flex room include converting it into a scrapbooking room, art gallery, or even a staging space to keep the clutter from overwhelming other areas.

Remember, whatever you choose to do with your flex room may change down the line. There are a number of factors, including your budget, that might compel you to reboot this most versatile of spaces. And if you’re still having trouble honing in on the right look for your flex room, ask your New Home Sales Consultant for a little input. So have fun and be creative. We can’t wait to see how you use your space!

To learn more about StyleCraft’s floor plans with flex rooms, contact us at 804.523.HOME.