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Countdown to RVA: Your Guide to Relocating to Richmond VA

Relocating to Richmond, VA

December 21, 2022

Relocating to Richmond VA? First off, congratulations! We may be a bit partial, but you’re moving to an area where it’s easy to Live Up inside and outside your new home and community.

And to show you what kind of neighbors we have around here, we’ve gone ahead and prepped a handy checklist for getting ready for your move spanning from 9 months out to the magical day it all happens.

So, let’s dive in and make sure you’re relocating to Richmond VA with all of your boxes checked — and packed.

When Anticipation is Building: 2–9 Months Out

One day it seems like lights years away. And the next it seems like it will be here before you know it. Relocating to Richmond VA can be a see-saw emotions. One day, you’re tired of waiting. And the next, you think the big day will never arrive. One way to put your mind at ease and prepare for your new home is to spend a little time there. If you’re building with StyleCraft, we make it easy to picture yourself in that home, whether it’s taking a virtual tour, visiting our Model Homes to meet with our team, or scheduling a Self-Guided Tour to have the run of the house on your schedule.

This same idea extends to your new hometown. What shops, restaurants, parks, and gyms are within close orbit of your new home? And which get the best reviews? Thanks to Google and other apps, doing this upfront research is easier than ever. Imagining going through your daily routine in a new area can make it feel real — and make you feel really prepared.

When Closing Gets Closer: 2 Months Prior to Moving

This can be that awkward in-between phase, when in your mind you’re already done relocating to Richmond VA, but the reality is that you still have a lot of heavy lifting to do at your current home.

In other words, you still need to move your entire life anywhere from across town to across the country. Take this opportunity to leave behind what you don’t need. Sort and organize everything from priceless family heirlooms to junk drawer castaways. While doing so, be sure to figure out which items getting the green light to come with you require careful packing and insurance. And unless you’re moving from a cramped studio apartment into your new home, or you’re simply leaving all your hand-me-downs behind, you’re going to have to make some decisions about how to move your stuff. These could range from renting a truck and calling in some favors with friends to DIY the job to hiring a professional moving company. If you’re employing the latter option for relocating to Richmond VA, be sure to vet the companies thoroughly, from reading reviews to requesting an onsite quote so there are no surprises down the road.

Finally, depending on your family status, this is the ideal time to locate and send school-aged children’s records to their future place of learning.

30-Day Countdown: One Month Prior to Moving

It’s time to make a supply run — boxes, bubble wrap, markers, and more. If you’re not meticulously labeling each and every box, be sure to store possessions in clear bins so you can get everything offloaded in the right room of your new home. It's also time to make your move official with the USPS by updating your address, which is quick and easy. While you’re at it, share your new address with your banks, subscription services, as well as your workplace, friends, and family.

If you haven’t already selected a mover for relocating to Richmond VA— or wrangled up a crew of friends with outstanding IOUs — now is the time to do so. Nail down a date and be sure your deposit has been received (and double confirm it); you don’t want anything holding up the big day.

It's Go Time! The Week & Day of the Move

It may take your moving truck a couple days to arrive at your new house. And even if you’re piloting all your stuff down the highway, it’s going to be hard to locate some of your favorite things for a bit. So, be sure to pack up essential items you’ll need for the first 48 hours and store them in an easily accessible location. These items could include a couple changes of clothes, any medications, some kitchen basics, and that special orthopedic pillow you can’t sleep without. You know the drill.

You’ve packed and loaded boxes, made countless trips to and from storage units and the dump, and you’re ready for it all to be over. But there’s one more step to take before shutting the door to your old home and relocating to Richmond VA: cleaning up. Gather up the cleaning supplies to take care of decades-old dust bunnies while disposing of whatever is still hanging out in the fridge. Don’t just go through the motions, either. Leaving your home in tip-top shape can save you cleaning fees and lost deposits.

Finally, if you haven’t already, take inventory of everything that’s being packed up and transported. Take pictures, too, especially of fragile items. It’s not just the cost of replacing these items that you need to deal with if they’re lost or damaged; it’s the inconvenience. Imagine, for example, losing that one box that housed every remote in your home.

And that’s everything you need to worry about when relocating to Richmond VA. Well, that, and the unpacking, moving, and staging of… everything. Of course, all of that is easy to do with a little light, so hopefully you remembered to switch over those utilities.
If you’re in the process of starting your new home search as you relocate to Richmond, VA — our team is here to help. Contact us at 804.523.HOME to learn more about our new construction communities throughout the Richmond, VA area. We can’t wait to welcome you home!