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A Peek into 2024’s Most Popular Home Décor Trends

January 3, 2024

A brand new year means a fresh start — and often, we see that fresh start carried over into home décor trends. As experts on home design, we’ve compiled our list of top trends you’ll see in home décor as we enter 2024.

Décor Trend #1: Pairing Back & Going Neutral

In 2024, we can expect to see a shift towards simplicity and neutral colors. Designers predict that after years of bold and bright shades, people will be drawn towards more muted tones and a minimalist approach. This means decluttering our living spaces and keeping only the essentials, in line with the trend towards a simpler and more streamlined lifestyle.

That’s not to say spaces are going to be boring! While neutral fabrics may be popular, eye-catching pieces like couches or accent chairs will still stand out with their unique design styles. You'll have plenty of visual interest in your main living areas, so you can relax and enjoy your cozy and stylish space.

Décor Trend #2: Bringing Personality to the Kitchen

A kitchen is more than a place where you cook; it’s where fun, messy, and delicious memories are made. So why not give those memories a beautiful backdrop?

Cabinet trends over the past several years have all been geared toward neutral tones, and while that classic approach will never be out of style, we’re predicting color will have a seat at the table. Go bold with dual-toned cabinets, while keeping your surrounding cabinets neutral colors.

Want to see this in action? Several of our Gateway communities feature dual-toned cabinets in select Design Packages.

Décor Trend #3: Incorporation of Classic Details

Classics truly never go out of style! This is particularly evident in home décor. In 2024, upholstered furniture with polished pleated accents will continue to be a key element in home design, offering a timeless and crisp approach to furniture.

Mixed metals are set to be the highlight of home décor in 2024, bringing a modern take on a timeless look that is sure to impress. Recently, the discussion about the most popular metal has moved from nickel to brass, bronze, and back to nickel. However, this year, mixed metals are taking center stage.

Décor Trend #4: The Return of Cozy

Spaces that have a cozy, comfortable, and inviting feel will always be in fashion. Nowadays, more homeowners want to have a natural space and views as the focal point of their homes, so the decor can be toned down to let the views shine.

With the stunning views acting as a backdrop, living spaces can feature neutral colors, which naturally create a cozy vibe. This is a shift from the stark white furniture that was popular in the last few years.

Décor Trend #5: A Break from Technology

Homes fully outfitted with smart-home technology, such as smart light switches, appliances, window treatments, etc. are starting to make their way out. Trends show that homeowners are choosing to simplify their lives and make the move to a more technology-free zone.

This break in technology will be seen in 2024 with more homebuyers opting for standard features inside their homes. Not to mention, the addition of nooks throughout the home that are tech-free zones, like reading corners ideal for cozying up and flipping through your book. Here’s to more time connecting and
less time being connected to devices!

Décor Trend #6: Home Offices are Here to Stay

There has been a lot of discussion over the last three years about how long the trend of home offices would last. We are here to report that they are not just a passing fad! In fact, home offices are quickly becoming a permanent fixture in homes, whether they are newly constructed or added to existing homes through renovations.

With the addition of permanent home offices, people are now able to decorate these spaces according to their personal tastes. Combining functionality, inspiration, and an expression of personality, homeowners can create an exciting and comfortable workspace with fun desks, stunning lighting, and beautiful desk chairs.

No matter how you choose to decorate your home in 2024, we hope these trends help spark some inspiration to design a home that Lives Up in the new year, and every year beyond!