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5 Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Spring Cleaning

February 16, 2024

It's hard to believe that spring is just around the corner! However, there's no better time to get your home ready for the upcoming season. Make 2024 the year you start your spring cleaning routine a bit earlier, so you can enjoy all that the season has to offer, both inside and outside your home.

We've compiled our top five tips to help you kickstart your spring cleaning and make 2024 the year you truly embrace the freshness of spring.

Tip #1: Replace Filters & Check Alarms

Routine maintenance tasks like replacing filters and checking alarms are essential for keeping your home safe and efficient. Be sure to take the time to clean out your air vents, water filters, furnace filters, and range hood filters. Don't forget about your dryer vent – a deep cleaning once or twice a year can prevent fire hazards and improve dryer efficiency.

While you're at it, test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, and replace the batteries every six months. These simple tasks can give you peace of mind and ensure your home is ready for whatever the season brings!

Tip #2: Wash Interior & Exterior Windows

With the winter season coming to an end, now is the perfect time to give your windows a good scrub. Getting rid of all the dirt and grime will let the spring sunshine pour into your home. Remember to clean both the inside and outside of your windows to achieve a sparkling finish.

If you have windows that are hard to reach, don't worry! You can always hire a professional cleaning service to help you out. Clean windows can make your home look even more beautiful, giving you a clear view of your blossoming garden.

Tip #3: Declutter Your Home

Spring cleaning wouldn't be complete without a bit of decluttering. Start small by tackling the rooms you use the least and work your way up to the main living spaces. Sort through your belongings and create piles for items to keep, toss, or donate. Have some fun with it and put on your favorite playlist to help pass the time!

Bonus tip: as you declutter, ask yourself if you or anyone in your house has used each item in the last 6 months. If not, it might be time to toss, donate, or put it in a keepsake box. Remember, decluttering is a process, so it’s okay to take it one room and one day at a time.

Tip #4: Organize the Fridge

Large refrigerators are great for big families, but they can get cluttered fast. To keep your fridge organized, remove the packaging from multipacks of drinks and single-serve foods, like yogurt, use roll-out refrigerator bins to keep small items together, and, to help reduce food waste, rotate older food items to the front before adding new groceries.

Tip #5: Create a Spring-Cleaning Checklist

While you’ll have a jump start on spring cleaning, there will still be items you’ll want to complete and clean within your new home throughout the Spring season. To get and stay ahead, make a monthly checklist of items to do like clean baseboards, dust, restock your cleaning supplies, vacuum, and mop. While these tasks aren’t always the most fun to complete — staying on top of them will ensure a clean and tidy home for the spring season and beyond.

With these five tips from StyleCraft Homes, you'll be well on your way to a fresh and inviting home for spring. So, grab your cleaning supplies, put on your favorite playlist or podcast, and get ready to Live Up this Spring. Happy cleaning!