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Recruitment Guide

The StyleCraft Homes Recruitment Experience

When it comes to building things, we’re not satisfied until we nail it. We’re confident our Recruitment Experience Guide will help outline all the critical touchpoints top candidates will experience in vying for employment.

    Recruitment Experience Guide

    1. Reaching out

    Here you’ll submit your job application with cover letter and salary requirements. The more detailed and tailored they are to this opportunity, the better. Remember, this is your first impression. Crush it!

      2. Clearing the first hurdle

      If you meet the minimum requirements, we’ll move you onto the next round, during which we’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire so that we can learn more about you.

        3. “Ring, ring…”

        If we determine you look like a go-getter and a solid fit for our culture on paper, we’ll schedule a phone interview.

          4. “Knock, knock…”

          Dynamite! If you knocked our socks off on the phone interview, we’ll invite you over to talk.

            5. One last check…

            At this point, depending on the role you’re applying for, we may ask you to complete an assessment and background screening.

              6. The offer!

              If you made it this far, you’re not just a top candidate, you’re the top candidate! Congrats! You’ll receive an offer letter outlining your start date, salary, and benefits.

                7. The decision

                Now all you need to do is say “yes,” and you’ll be the newest member of the team. Pretty exciting, huh?

                  8. Getting on board

                  You know what the best type of paperwork is? The paperwork you complete when you’ve just accepted a new job.

                    9. Your first day!

                    We can’t wait to welcome you to the StyleCraft Homes family! We’ve got a spot all picked out for you…