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July 22, 2016

It’s tough to stare at an exquisite resale home and an empty dirt lot — and think that the dirt lot is where you should move your family.

Energy efficiency is just one of many advantages that new construction homes have over resale homes.Energy efficiency is just one of many advantages that new construction homes have over resale homes.

After all, that resale has elegant hardwood floors, updated appliances and the realtor said it will probably be off the market in 48 hours. And that dirt lot has, well, just dirt.

Choosing to go with a new construction home over a resale home can take a little patience, trust and vision. But the upshot is that you get your dream home — where and when you want it. Here are some striking ways in which opting to go the new construction route is the best choice for your family.

It’s your home.

If you go with a builder that gives a choice when it comes to your community, floor plan, design options and amenities, you’re building your home around your lifestyle. With an existing home, you may find some areas that match the way your family lives here and there, but there will be some amount of compromise. It’s tough to find a resale home with a first-floor master, basement game room, and paint colors that match your wedding bouquet. And if you do, what are you going to do about those tiny closets and bathroom vanity that appears to be borrowed from a budget motel? Making an existing home your home often takes some time and money. You think that wall is going to knock itself down? As for needing some patience and vision, our financing partner and Design Studio can help you streamline the buying process — and design it just the way you envisioned.

Enjoy true peace of mind.

Existing homes have personality. They also have rotted shingles, cracking foundations and confounding electrical wiring. Every bump, beep and hiss you hear in the night will keep you up thinking: what’s going to break next? Sure, you might be able to get a home warranty to cover some of the aging appliances in your new home — rather, an existing home that’s new to you. If you do elect to go with one of these services, be sure to check out the fine print and vet them with the Better Business Bureau.

New construction homes come with warranties, too. Except they’re used much, much less frequently. At StyleCraft, we offer a 10-year structural warranty, and even boast an in-house warranty team dedicated to making sure our owners’ homes Live Up to their dreams.

Live efficiently.

There is something comforting and cost effective about not heading to the thermostat every time the temperature outside jumps or drops a few degrees. Old homes pale in comparison to new homes’ ability to create a seal around the structure, trapping hot air in the winter and cool air in the warmer months. Some of this has to do with newer, superior building materials and techniques. Some also has to do with the fact that as homes age, more cracks and crevices emerge. This is just one reason why newer homes are likely to carry lower heating and cooling bills. High-efficiency appliances add to these savings. There is a convenience angle, too, as new construction homes may feature wiring for cable and Internet behind walls, USB ports and more. At StyleCraft, we go beyond “efficient” by constructing homes that are truly state of the art. Be sure to ask about our Energy Advantage, Connection Advantage and Convenience Advantage — a trio of unique and innovative building standards we incorporate in every home.

Building a new home can certainly seem daunting for first-timers. But we make it easy, collaborating together in a highly transparent process. This gives you the confidence that what was once a dirt lot will quickly morph into a StyleCraft home that Lives Up to everything you dreamed it would be — and then some.