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What to Expect When Touring StyleCraft’s Model Homes

July 22, 2020

Today’s homebuyers are savvier than ever, whether they’re touring a home or mulling over countertop options. That’s precisely why StyleCraft has worked hard to share virtual resources that are available 24/7, from Interactive Floor Plans to Virtual Tours.

We understand that while this growing library of resources is helpful, sometimes nothing beats searching the internet for “model homes near me” and going on a real-life home tour or two.

And as the smartest homebuyers know, preparation is key to touring a home — those during which you arrive with questions and leave with answers. With that said, we’ve helped you with your homework, sharing details and tips for preparing to tour a StyleCraft Model Home.


When we think of “model homes near me” — for some, that distance you’re willing to drive might be 25 or even 50 miles. For others, seeing what a homebuilder offers in terms of virtual house tours and other resources starts to sound more reasonable. StyleCraft excels in providing top-notch resources whether you’re taking an in-person tour or visiting a Model Home from the comfort of your own home. Here’s how we do it:

  • WALK-IN HOUSE TOUR: You have two options for walking through StyleCraft’s Model Homes. First, you can simply show up during our Model Home hours (listed on each of our community pages). Or you can schedule some one-on-one time with our New Homes Sales Consultant at your convenience using our Calendly scheduling tool, which you’ll also conveniently find by visiting StyleCraft’s community pages and scrolling down.
  • VIRTUAL HOUSE TOUR: Maybe you live on the other side of the country. Or perhaps you’re just on the other side of town, but more comfortable seeing a new home from your current one. Either way, we make it convenient to schedule and take a live, virtual appointment with our New Home Sales Consultant via laptop, cell phone, or tablet. Other than viewing the home and engaging with your tour guide over a screen, the experience itself is right on par with an in-person home tour.

We know that inviting you into our Model Home comes with certain responsibilities. To that end, we have diligently prepared for your arrival. Not only will you enjoy our careful attention to interior design during StyleCraft tours, but you’ll also note these Model Homes are cleaned twice a week to ensure your health and safety.

Here’s what else you can expect:

  • A Friendly Welcome: Our New Home Sales Consultant will greet you with a smile and a wave before whisking you off to begin the house tour.
  • Tailored Tours: A StyleCraft tour can be personalized to meet your preferences, whether that means lingering longer in the kitchen to see the various appliances demonstrated or exploring the outdoor living area in greater detail. We’re also happy to extend our tour to include viewing available Quick Move-In Homes, community amenities, specific homesites, and the community overall.
  • Q&A: Once the Model Home tour wraps, your New Home Sales Consultant will field all your questions — the ones we haven’t answered during the tour — and help you understand what works and doesn’t work for your homebuying needs.

If you’re left with any doubt as to why it’s a good plan to take house tours, we have a couple of closing thoughts to share. For starters, a house tour allows you to imagine yourself living in a home — from your morning routine to weekend entertaining. This applies to the broader community as well. Amenities as well as nearby shopping, dining, and local schools all merit at least a quick visit. Taking a home tour also gives you the opportunity to get answers to any specific questions for our New Home Sales Consultants, rather than simply gleaning information from the website.

Finally, checking off that box marked “Visit Model Homes near me” on your homebuying to-do list propels you to the next step of the process: pricing it out. That means seeing firsthand which design options make sense considering your buying power.

Many of us won’t buy a pair of jeans or sneakers without trying them on for size. With a purchase as big as a new home, taking house tours just makes sense. We hope to see you over at a StyleCraft Model Home soon!