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Our New Home Warranty & In-House Team

November 19, 2020

Here’s something you may not know about most new-construction homebuilders & communities: the people who come over to handle warranty requests are perfect strangers.

In other words, they work for third-party companies who may not have ever seen a home from your builder before. Whereas at StyleCraft, our Warranty Team is staffed by an in-house team that knows your home inside and out.

While this is just one difference between StyleCraft’s approach to home warranties and your average homebuilder’s approach, it’s a big one. We often talk about how we have your back — long after you walk through your door for the first time — but we wanted to take a few moments to explain exactly what this commitment means.

We hope StyleCraft homeowners won’t need to call us for a warranty question or contact one of our trusted trade partners in the middle of the night (you’ll find their names and numbers on the cabinet door under your kitchen sink). Thanks to our approach to building homes that Live Up long after you move in, we keep these calls few and far between. But know that if you do need us, you’ll experience the same level of care and service that were hallmarks of your homebuying process.

Here’s why we believe we have the best warranty team in Central Virginia:


As we mentioned above, the benefit of having an in-house warranty team is that they know your home’s floor plan, interior and exterior design selections — and every detail behind the walls, above the ceilings, and below the floors. They never need time to get up to speed. This begins with our Warranty Coordinator, who will field questions and coordinate any needed work with the appropriate trade partner. It also includes our Warranty Manager, who walks you through care and maintenance during the homebuilding process, as well as our dependable service team, who are there to nail any needed repairs.


We’ve constructed a seamless building experience so that you’re never alone when you have a question or concern about your home. From our Sales Team to our New Home Design Consultants, and Production to Warranty teams, you’ll experience a few hand-offs along the way — but they’re always smooth and transparent. As we mentioned, your first contact with the Warranty Team occurs when our Warranty Manager walks you through the ins and outs of your home’s numerous features and functions. We’ll also explain how you’ll work with the Warranty Team moving forward, if needed. Our shared goal is that your home Lives Up like new long after closing day — and we want to make sure you have all the tools and resources to make it happen.


Some of the benefits of working with an in-house team are obvious: they know our materials, processes, and most importantly, our homes. Here’s what else they bring to the table: greater responsiveness thanks to a seamless workflow. Not only will we be able to visit your home much faster, but once we start working, we’ll finish quicker thanks to our familiarity. Finally, there’s the accountability of everyone working under the StyleCraft brand. We work to ensure that you can trust everything will look — and work — as expected.


0 THIRD PARTIES: Our in-house Warranty Team knows our homes better than anyone.

24 HOURS: Our initial response time to confirm receipt of your request. It’s the best in the business.

4 WAYS TO REACH US: Make our CustomerLink portal your go-to resource for assistance on the double. Our web form, phone, or email are also options.

COUNTLESS ANSWERS: Odds are, we’ve already answer your question. Find at-a-glance answers regarding warranty requests by visiting our FAQ page.

To learn more about the warranty details for specific StyleCraft communities and homes, contact our Online Sales Consultants at 804.206.8088 today!