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Open House, Anytime: Introducing Self-Guided Home Tours

February 5, 2021

Today it often feels as if scheduling anything is threading the proverbial needle. If you’re in the market for a new-construction home, trying to match your schedule to open house or Model Home hours can be frustrating.

We heard our homebuyers loud and clear when they shared this challenge with us. And we’re excited to have launched a new Self-Guided Tour experience, which allows you to schedule a contact-free home showing on your schedule.

Whether you’re looking to explore a home outside our business hours, or simply prefer to look around without other homebuyers nearby, our self-guided experiences are changing new-construction homebuying in the Richmond market.

Here are the some of the unique benefits of StyleCraft’s new Self-Guided Tours:


We’ve heard it plenty of times: “I want to come visit a Model Home, but I just can’t make the time work.” With Self-Guided Tour experiences, you can schedule a one-hour, contact-free home showing before or after our normal business hours. Additionally, if you want to explore one of our Quick Move-In Homes, you’ll be able to tour them 7 days a week, from 6am–9pm.


A challenging schedule may not be the only reason you choose prefer to schedule a Self-Guided Tour experience vs. attending an open house during a Model Home’s open hours. You may simply want to have a home all to yourself. No matter when you arrive, trust that you’re stepping into an environment that’s been meticulously cleaned by professionals to ensure your safety and comfort. Also, if you have questions after your Self-Guided Tour, we can schedule a virtual or private follow-up appointment to talk through any lingering questions.


When you take a Self-Guided Tour, you don’t need to go it alone. In fact, you have the opportunity to invite family and friends in your close orbit to join you for the private home showing. After all, they’re going to be joining you for holidays and everyday get-togethers. And if there’s more than one Model Home or Quick Move-In Home on your list, feel free to schedule multiple contact-free tours.


Maybe you want to spend 99% of your Self-Guided Tour experience scouting out the kitchen. Or you want to measure some rooms to see which is the best fit for your Pilates routine. Perhaps you’re looking to photograph the sunrise from every window. We get it; every homebuyer has a preferred way to explore an open house or model home. When you’re the one leading the tour, you get to decide how you spend every minute of the home showing. So, get as creative as you’d like in your one-hour timeslot — even if it means conducting time trials for how long it takes you to get from the kitchen to the home office without spilling a hot cup of coffee.

Scheduling a Self-Guided Experience of our Model Home or Quick Move-In Home has never been easier. Watch the video below to see the 5 simple steps to start your tour. Then visit our Self-Guided Tour page to see which community you’d like to tour.