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How to Stay Active in the Winter: 55+ Living

November 18, 2021

As the days get shorter and colder it can become harder to find outdoor activities for adults to enjoy. Fortunately, there are plenty of holidays and festivities to accompany the winter season, but the rich food and blustery temperatures have many of us questioning how to stay active in the winter. At StyleCraft’s Freestyle communities, our built-in amenities provide a variety of ways to stay active in the winter. We put together some of the top tips for outdoor activities for adults during the wintry season, and recommendations for staying safe and healthy in more ways than one.


Health experts agree that moving your body promotes both physical and mental well-being. Exercise can help you reduce the risk of heart disease, maintain a healthy blood pressure, and ward off stress. Many folks have gotten creative with how to stay active during quarantine and figuring out how to stay active in the winter isn’t much harder.

Exercising with a group is just one of the ways to stay active in the winter. From relaxing yoga classes to energetic Zumba classes, you’ve got options. Group classes also serve as an opportunity to build friendships with people who might encourage you to join them for some of the other popular 55+ community activities.

Staying active doesn’t have to be complicated though. Senior exercises at home are another simple way to stay active. There are online resources that can guide you through senior exercises at home, most of which don’t require special equipment. Whether that’s bodyweight exercises like squats and pushups or movements designed to work on balance and coordination — getting off the couch and getting moving from home can go a long way towards your health.

At StyleCraft’s Freestyle communities, there are 55+ community activities aplenty. The included amenities provide both outdoor activities for adults and indoor ways to stay active in the winter. On mild days, bundle up and bring a cup of coffee to your community’s walking trails for some fresh air. Walking is one of the outdoor activities for adults that is easy to start because it doesn’t require much more than a comfortable pair of walking shoes. If you’re feeling sporty, invite a neighbor for a game of racquetball or harness your inner Serena Williams at the tennis courts. When the weather is a bit too frosty, take advantage of the indoor fitness centers in place of completing your typical senior exercises at home.


Sure, winter typically brings cold temperatures, but there’s more to it than that. If snow is involved, road closures and icy conditions can make venturing outside dangerous. With a bit of planning, you’ll be prepared to safely hunker down at home. It’s safer to wait until the outdoor conditions become more favorable for resuming your favorite outdoor activities for adults.

Keep flashlights on hand with plenty of extra batteries in the event of a power outage. In the winter, you’ll also want to be prepared to wear extra layers for warmth. In terms of food, add a few extra things to your grocery list each week to stock your pantry with some of your favorite non-perishable items. Soups, canned vegetables, peanut butter and crackers — think of what’s easiest to prepare and enjoy in the case of a power outage. In addition, don’t forget your medications! Try to have necessary prescriptions on hand so that you don’t have to head out into slick conditions.

Many traditional homeowners have to grab a snow shovel and clear their property of snow and ice when bad weather hits. Fortunately, that’s not the case for the 55+ homeowners at our StyleCraft Freestyle communities. We handle all exterior maintenance in these communities which includes clearing the community of snow and ice. That means even in the case of snow, our homeowners have ways to stay active in the winter, safely.


Winter isn’t all snowflakes and holidays. The reduced daylight hours and tendency for people to hibernate indoors can take a toll on mental health. Being outside in the natural light helps your body produce important hormones for regulating mood and sleep. When you’re considering ways to stay active in the winter, opting for a walk outside in the sunshine rather than inside on a treadmill can help you get your daily dose of natural light and boost your mood.

Winter may be filled with some of the most delicious treats of the year but gorging on sweets from Halloween to the New Year just isn’t sustainable. Planning healthy nutritious meals between holidays can go a long way towards helping you feel your best. Salads are a little less enticing when it’s cold out, but warm soups can help you make sure you’re eating plenty of vegetables. Pro tip: crockpots give you that “been simmering all day” taste, without having to babysit the stove all day.


When deciding how to stay active during winter it doesn’t mean you need to train for a marathon. Trying out new hobbies or joining in on some of your community’s 55+ community activities can be a great way to get out of the house. Maybe you’ve been wanting to try your hand at watercolors, or you want to knit your grandchild a blanket — challenging your mind and getting your creative juices flowing can help you navigate how to stay active during quarantine, even when it’s winter.

In many of StyleCraft’s Freestyle communities, our homeowners have built connections with each other over shared interests. Some of the 55+ community activities our homeowners enjoy include: book clubs, happy hours at the clubhouse, and racquetball teams (complete with tournaments!)

There are plenty of outdoor activities for adults to choose from — and if you can figure out how to stay active in the winter, it can have a positive impact on your health all year long. If you want to join a community that inspires you to stay active, the 55+ community activities and amenities at our Lifestyle communities could be a great fit. Schedule a tour to see one of our 55+ communities and imagine yourself Living Up and staying active, all winter long.