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Bright Ideas for Lighting Your Home

October 5, 2017

Is it time to see your old home in a new light?

Or time to brainstorm bright ideas for lighting up your new home?

Lighting is the focal point of any room. Don’t believe us; switch on a lamp in a dark or dimly lit room and see where everyone’s eyes go (We’re kinda like bugs in that way.) Lighting can completely change the way we see a room based on style, angle, or finish. As lighting trends continue to evolve, we’re here to help you discover what lighting trends are hot right now, and how they can set your home aglow with possibilities.

Let Industrial Lighting Do the Heavy Lifting

There is something both raw and radiant about exploring the aisles of an expansive warehouse, as suspended fixtures high above light your way through a maze of shelves, skids, and loading docks. But you don’t need to have worked in a warehouse to get the attraction of industrial lighting. In fact, many modern retail shops and restaurants have repurposed this look and feel. Now this industrial style is coming home, especially in kitchens and bathroom walls — with an unexpected flare. Industrial lighting is trading out its traditional rustic finishes for a sharp, sleep metal look. Because this lighting choice is both intricate and fun, it doubles as modern art exhibit within the frame of your home.

Go Retro with Edison-Style Bulbs

Turn back the clock on your lighting with these nostalgic bulbs. Edison bulbs cast a light of friendly familiarity, whether they’re integrated into an industrial setup or hung in a row as festive outdoor décor. Bonus: They come in LED versions as well.

Get in line for Linear Fixtures

If you’re the forward-thinking type, then consider where lighting is headed: sharp and clean lines, ample ornamentation, and soft colors paired with simple designs for overhead lighting. When in doubt, think minimalistic for bold, striking results.

See Why LED Lighting Is a Fade-Resistant-Fad.

They’re more energy-efficient (read: cost effective), longer lasting (read: they need to be changed less often), and more versatile (read: easier to match to your décor). Indoor and outdoor LED lights are always a bright idea for a multitude of reasons.

So, do you have a fresh vision for your home lighting setup? We hope we were able to offer a little illumination as you flip the switch on your new light setup. Here’s to a brighter future…