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Beyond The Blueprint: Bringing Home Design to Life

April 3, 2019

You talked to our team. You reviewed the website. You drove through our communities and walked through our Model Homes. But you’re still curious: what’s it really like to build a home with StyleCraft? We’re glad you asked. In our “Beyond the Blueprint” series, we’ll follow Sue, a real homebuyer who’s excited to call the Villas at Ashford Hill home. Join us as we part the curtain and discover why the StyleCraft Building Experience Lives Up from start to finish — and beyond.

During our last update, StyleCraft homebuyer Sue just selected a home and a community. And now it’s time to personalize that blank slate so that she feels right at home from the moment she first bounds through the door. Because the home design process can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, we’ve carefully divided it into two steps: the Pre-Design Orientation and the official Design Orientation.


First, we accompanied Sue to the Pre-Design Orientation, held at our spacious Design Studio and attended by her Design Consultant and her New Home Sales Consultant.

Pause just for a moment: If you’re thinking three’s a crowd, think again. We’ve carefully built an overlapping “hand-off” into our Building Experience as homebuyers move through each step. This seamless transition between StyleCraft team members ensures total continuity for each homebuyer — no repeating yourself or miscommunications to worry about.

OK, now back to the Pre-Design Orientation, where the trio walked through Sue’s structural options and selected exterior colors for her home. Then we let Sue know she would receive a link to access a program called Design Studio Manager, which would allow her to pore over all available design options from the comfort of home. Finally, Sue capped her trip by taking a tour of the Design Studio, soaking in countless sources of inspiration and familiarizing herself with the layout and options to make the most of her upcoming Design Orientation.


By now, Sue has had a week or two to review design selections virtually in Design Studio Manager, see how certain options might clash or complement each other, and ask for input from everyone in her orbit. (Meanwhile, her Design Consultant, Courtney, could view which items Sue favorited to get a sneak peak of her style and prepare accordingly.)

Now it’s time to get to work. This orientation is where homebuyers make a house their home, choosing cabinets, countertops, flooring, and more that matches their personal aesthetic. And they don’t do it alone; Design Consultant Courtney joined Sue in mixing and matching samples and then judge the results. They took Sue’s home room-by-room to strike the ideal look for the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more. And they also homed in on a few universal options to set the right tone throughout Sue’s home, including hardwood. This was a master class in collaboration; Sue and Courtney played off each other’s suggestions, had a blast all the while — and in the end, landed on an overall design scheme that had Sue feeling excited and fulfilled.

Beyond the Blueprint: What’s Next?

Whew. That was a lot. But the purpose of the “Beyond the Blueprint” series is to make you feel like you’re right there with Sue, not to simply neatly summarize each step. As for our next step, we’ll be rejoining you shortly along with Sue, Courtney and Lin — Sue’s Project Manager — for the Pre-Construction Orientation.

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