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Benefits of New Home Construction

February 11, 2020

The benefits of buying a brand-new home from a builder go well beyond that new home sparkle and smell.

Buying a new construction home means that you’re able to personalize your spaces, as well as enjoy new appliances and the peace of mind provided by a comprehensive home warranty. Then there’s the new construction home buying process, which when led by StyleCraft Homes — is a highly transparent series of milestones, walk-throughs, and more that provide greater appreciation for the benefits of buying a brand new home.

  • Less Upfront Maintenance: Imagine not having to worry about inheriting that odd crack, creak, or mystery stain from the previous owners that could be a sign of something much worse to come. When buying new construction homes, you know all the materials that go into the complex building process. Couple that with the confidence that comes from adhering to present day building codes, and you’ll soon realize that there’s no need spend the first few months at your new home sharing it with contractors.
  • The Ability Personalize & Make New Home Construction Upgrades: Buying a brand new home means you’ll have the opportunity to personalize your space from the inside, out. At StyleCraft, you’ll choose structural, interior, and exterior options that reflect your unique taste with our Design Boards or Design Studio Experience, making your new house feel like your home. Plus, if you know you want an outdoor living area or other upgrade, you can include it in the new construction home buying process.
  • Not Sweating the Small (or Big) Stuff: When buying a new house, the importance of evaluating the warranty program can’t be underestimated. (Add this to your list of questions to ask when buying new construction home.) With new construction homes that come with warranties included, such as those from StyleCraft Homes, there’s no need to lie awake at night worrying about your home when you can rest easy knowing our in-house warranty team is there to help. And that you likely won’t be on the line for the full costs of a major system failure.
  • Wiring Without the DIY: Untangling a mess of extension cords and drilling holes all around a used house in order to fix your wiring needs gets old fast. And upgrading the existing systems gets expensive fast. When buying new construction home from StyleCraft, you’ll enjoy spaces that are pre-wired for a high-tech lifestyle now, and easy installations later.
  • Heating & Cooling Advantage: Buying new construction homes brings the benefit of high energy efficiency, including smarter HVAC design and superior insulation that quietly builds up your savings.


When buying a brand new home from a builder, we recommend getting an inside look at the new construction home buying process in order for you to understand the actual benefits.

  1. Get Pre-Approved: Lucky for you, we’ve partnered with three mortgage lenders who will lead you through the pre-approval and loan application process for buying a brand new home.
  2. Complete your Agreement: Congrats! This is the day you’ve been anticipating. Once the ink is dry, your new home construction can begin.
  3. Add Your Personal Touch: Remember that buying new construction homes comes with the perk of incorporating your unique style. Thanks to StyleCraft’s carefully curated Design Boards and Design Studio, you’ll be able to personalize the appliances, countertops, flooring, and more.
  4. Begin Your Building Experience: Over the next few months of the new construction home buying process, you’ll meet with StyleCraft’s team at various meetings and orientations as you watch your home come to life — from the ground up. The best part of buying a new house is about to begin: living in it.
  5. Live Up, Long After Closing Day: With StyleCraft, once the home is yours, you’ll be in the hands of our trusted, in-house warranty team. With your 1-year warranty, we’ll be sure to take care of your new home.

Once you learn how to buy a new home, and write down your questions to ask when buying new construction home, the benefits become abundantly clear. Best of luck with your new construction home buying process — and welcome home!

*This blog post has been modified as of 6/1/21 to reflect a change in warranty or Freestyle services.