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Tip from the Builder: The 5 Home Features We Recommend

February 14, 2022

Over the years, we’ve built thousands of homes. We’ve seen trends rise, trends fall, and we’ve seen the features that earn their spot as “timeless must-haves.” We know it can be tricky for new homebuyers to narrow down between needs and wants. To help, we’re pulling back the curtain to show you the top five features we think homebuyers should consider for Living Up in their new home.


It’s no secret that technology is in our hands or in our pockets nearly round-the-clock. Many of us lean on technology in some form and it makes sense that we’re seeing a rise in smart homes. Consider Wi-Fi-controlled locks, programmable thermostats for increased energy efficiency, and a security system for peace of mind. If you’ve spent any amount of time wondering if you locked the door or if your package got delivered, a small investment in popular smart home features could be a game changer.  

All StyleCraft homes are equipped with our LiveSmart home package from day one. Our homebuyers benefit from a video doorbell, smart lock, smart thermostat, and home Wi-Fi and connectivity hub, without having to lift a finger. The way we see it: smart additions should make life easier, not harder, so we make it easy on our homebuyers by handling it on their behalf.


We’re seeing more homebuyers prioritize useful space over sheer square footage, and storage and closet space is a big part of that. You’ve probably seen a double vanity in a well-outfitted master bath, right? Yet, many of us are still trying to cram two complete wardrobes into one closet. With his and her closets you could have a closet that’s yours, and yours alone. Organize it by color. Leave it a mess. Whichever you choose, it’s one less place in your home that you have to compromise.

At StyleCraft, we build a Dual Owner’s Suite into many of our homes so that couples can enjoy the benefit of two large walk-in closets, even if it isn’t something they dared to wish for. It’s one of those features that you won’t know how you lived without and in our experience, we’ve never heard a homebuyer complain about too much storage. The more closets the merrier.


Your yard, deck, and porches are an extension of your home. When the weather’s nice, built-in features like sunrooms, 3-season rooms, and porches make it easier to enjoy some fresh air. Add comfortable seating, a fire feature, some funky lighting and you’ll be well on your way to unlocking the full potential of your outdoor space.

You’ll notice that outdoor living spaces are a priority on our floor plans. We know that when done correctly, outdoor spaces can make homes feel bigger, breezier, and better equipped for hosting. Most of our homes have an outdoor living space in one form or another. We don’t just include them though, we offer structural options for upgrading them. Decks can be upgraded to 3-season rooms, we can run a gas line for your grill, or hone in on that cozy aesthetic with a see-through fireplace from the family room.


Three meals a day, seven days a week. Your kitchen gets a lot of traffic. We’re seeing more and more homebuyers use their kitchen to express their style, opting for colorful cabinets to brighten up the space. But if you’re not sold on an entirely colorful kitchen, consider the dual-tone cabinets approach. You can opt for a colored island or colored lower cabinets and stick with neutrals elsewhere for the best of both worlds.

We’ve adjusted our offerings at our Design Studio to make your colorful kitchen visions come true. We’re seeing more homebuyers put their spin on this trend, and we hope it doesn’t slow down any time soon. In the meantime, we’ll never stop swooning over this kitchen at Mosaic at West Creek.


Benjamin Franklin said that only two things in life are certain: death and taxes. We think he forgot to include laundry, because there’s no way around it, there’s always laundry to do. A laundry room isn’t the most exciting thing about a home, but it shouldn’t be forgotten! Location matters, and a well-placed laundry room can make all the difference.  

At StyleCraft, the laundry room isn’t an afterthought that gets tacked onto the side of the house or stuck in the basement. For example, in our 55+ communities, we strategically place the laundry area right by the Owner’s Suite. In some plans, we even include a door connecting the two! Laundry might be inevitable, but lugging laundry from one end of the house to another doesn’t have to be.

We design our floor plans and our Design Studio so that our homebuyers benefit from a balance between convenience, practicality, and timeless style. These five features are just a few of the ones we build into homes, and we’re always adapting to make sure we’re building homes that fit how our homebuyers want to Live Up.