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Meet Shane, Your Eyes on the Ground

Shane Flansburg, Project Manager Day in the Life Spotlight

January 3, 2022

"There is so much opportunity for personal and professional growth here at StyleCraft. We have a lot of exciting projects coming up in 2022, which means that a lot of people currently working for our company will be getting the opportunity to expand their roles and take on new responsibilities. It’s great working for a company that encourages and supports you pushing outside of your “comfort zone” to see how much you can achieve."


Shane’s first gig as Project Manager was also StyleCraft’s first ever 2-over-2 condo community, The Overlook at Hancock Village. The learning curve that comes along with a new-to-us community didn’t dampen Shane’s spirits. In fact, he exceeded expectations across the board, earning him rave reviews from both homeowners and his teammates at StyleCraft.

After just one year with StyleCraft, Shane was awarded the Employee of the Quarter award for the 1st Quarter of 2021. His Project Managing chops also earned him the spot as Project Manager for our upcoming condo community in Greater Scott’s Addition, The Outpost at Brewers Row. Shane’s ability to take curve balls in stride makes him a huge asset to StyleCraft and he’ll be a crucial part of the team that brings additional multi-family communities to life this year.

Shane’s eye for detail and enthusiasm for the building process doesn’t stop at the end of the workday. He’s got a woodshop in the works, putting his Project Manager skills to good use, even after hours.


Every time that I get a certificate of occupancy for one of our buildings (which is when the city or county allows a homeowner to move in), I feel such a great sense of pride and accomplishment watching moving trucks pull up and seeing happy homeowners moving into their new home.


As a Project Manager, I am responsible for all the construction aspects of the process — ultimately making sure that a building gets built on time, on budget, and meets the high quality standards that our homebuyers expect from us at StyleCraft. I have the great opportunity to be working on our commercial/multifamily projects which means that not only am I overseeing the work done on site, but I am heavily involved in the “pre-construction” aspects of the project — which includes working with our Architects, Engineers, Purchasing & Estimating team, Sales & Marketing teams, City Building Officials, and our Land Development team.

Depending on what stage a project is in, I might be spending time in the office reviewing plans, budgets, meeting with Trade Partners, or working with my colleagues in the Land Development team. Once the project has broken ground, I spend more of my time in the field, on the job site working with our Trade Partners to make sure that things are being built to our specifications and expectations, while solving problems as needed.

Working on large buildings requires a lot of attention to detail, and there is a lot of oversight from Building Inspectors and Engineers. One small change to the plans, for example, requires a lot of back and forth and when not managed properly, can cause delays. I am constantly on the lookout for things that need to be addressed before they become an issue.


Flexibility! I don’t mean physical flexibility (but that helps since the job can be physical at times), but you need to be mentally flexible, and flexible to change! As the homebuilding market is constantly changing, we too are constantly changing along with it — so you must be able to quickly adapt and shift priorities.


One of the things that I most enjoy is that every day is different! When I wake up in the morning, I know that there will be new problems to solve.