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Form & Function: How to Design an Entryway That Does it All

June 21, 2024

It’s where you drop your suitcase and hug your loved ones after a long business trip. Or where your kids quickly dump their bags and run for the snack cabinet every day after school or practice. It’s a first impression for guests and the last place you walk through before leaving home. It’s your entryway, the threshold between your favorite place and the outside world.

Because your entryway plays so many critical roles for your home and daily routine, as well as setting the tone for your home’s design scheme, we wanted to take a moment to explore some ideas for making it equally welcoming and convenient.

Tip #1: Design in an Orderly Fashion

Entryways support both form and function. When thoughtfully set up, they can present an orderly and even stylish sneak peek of what’s to come around the entire home. But if organization and design are lacking, everyone entering your home will be greeted by an unseemly pile of backpacks, Amazon packages, shoes, and whatever else gets lost in the heap.

Don’t worry, we have a couple of ways to maintain order:

  • “Stop & Drops:” It’s exactly what it sounds like — a dedicated space comprising bins, hooks, and more to make your entryway tidier than the lobby of a Ritz-Carlton. Offered in many StyleCraft floor plans, stop & drops do all the heavy lifting, whether we’re talking about big backpacks or bulky boots.
  • Score a Basket (or five): A great DIY approach to entryway organization is to create a basket system, where each family member has a dedicated space to stow whatever. It’s not just a way to cut through the clutter, but a means of answering the eternal question: “Where are the car keys?”

Tip #2: Illuminate With Creativity

Once you nail the organization of your entryway, you can start to add some flare reflective of your design tastes. Whether it’s bright wallpaper, framed family photos, or funky wall art, it’s a chance to establish the style and vibe that run through your home. While you’re bringing your vision to life, don’t forget something that will truly help your bright ideas: proper lighting. Ensure everyone will be able to admire your design work while also finding their things without stumbling around in the dark when they’re already 5 minutes late.

Tip #3: Nature & Nurture

Remember, your entryway is the last stop before you step out the door to see the world — and your first taste of home after journeys short and long. So, doesn’t a nod to the natural world just feel right? Create a smooth transition from outside to inside (and vice versa) by incorporating natural touches such as textured wood tabletops or a simple vase with flowers or dogwood branches. And if you’re a gardener, bring in some of your blooms to bridge the great outdoors and indoors.

Tip #4: Make it Personal

Remember, this is your home’s entryway. Not a bustling hotel lobby or spartan office waiting room. So make it about you and the people you share your home with. Think wall art of your favorite vacation destinations or a gallery wall of framed paintings done by you or your family — you know, in your Flex Room-turned art studio. Maybe there’s an interesting family heirloom that’s a great conversation starter, such a pair of antique French Porcelain vases or the restored steering wheel from Uncle Ed’s 1967 Winnebago. Each comes with a story that speaks volumes louder than the retail store sculpture you regretfully bought on a whim.

Your home’s entryway should strike a balance between creating convenience and capturing your style. Take the time to get it right, and you’ll be wowing visitors while keeping everything you lug around to and from home right where you want it.