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An Inside Look at Our Favorite Floor Plan Features

September 9, 2021

It’s tough to pick our favorite floor plan. And there are a few reasons why. First, there are a lot to choose from. That’s because we’re constantly refreshing and rebooting floor plans so that they’re never stale or stagnant.

And second, we put a lot of lot of thought into each floor plan we create — engaging with homebuyers, digging into timeless design trends, and tailoring them to their community and StyleCraft Lifestyle.

So, while it’s tough to rank or compare floor plans, we are comfortable talking about our favorite features, whether it’s simply something you’ve come to expect — but executed in an elevated fashion — or a signature of StyleCraft floor plans.


We believe that the very best floor plans are the most flexible ones. And a hallmark of that flexibility is our spacious Dual Owner’s Suite, which doubles down on comfort and convenience whether it’s for homeowners themselves or their overnight guests. A big part of this hinges on having two walk-in closets to showcase your wardrobe and whatever else you choose.

WHERE TO FIND IT: The Overlook at Hancock Village’s Rosewell and Kennington Townhomes’ Maple floor plans. Plus, at Mosaic at West Creek, the Hampton combines the first-floor Dual Owner’s Suite with an additional second-floor bedroom — ensuring there’s always a vacancy when family is staying over.


Now here’s an island we don’t mind being stranded on! Our thoughtfully designed oversized kitchen islands boast form and function — bringing together family, friends, and neighbors whether it’s mealtime or game night.

WHERE TO FIND IT: At Kennington Townhomes’ Maple, you’ll find a 9-foot kitchen island that provides the ideal centerpiece for the inviting kitchen-cafe layout.


Who said the biggest bedroom has to be upstairs? Our First-Floor Owner’s Suite provides homeowners 55 and better with a streamlined layout that puts the laundry room, family room, kitchen, and outdoor living spaces just steps from your bedroom. Plus, Living Up on the main level means no more stairs to worry about. Finally, don’t forget to explore all the available options for your Owner’s Bathroom, including an age-in-place shower and Roman shower.

WHERE TO FIND IT: All Mosaic at West Creek and Townes at Notting Place floor plans.


Home offices may indeed be the most popular home design trend over the past two years. And while working under the same roof that you live under can be convenient, it can also be a compromise. For example, dedicating an entire extra bedroom to productivity means it’s harder to comfortably hosts guests overnight. That’s where a Pocket Office can come in. These right-sized workspaces give you a dedicated private space to work, read, or even set up the kids with their homework. The best part? They are always conveniently located and don’t take up too much room. Take the Highland floor plan, for example, where the Pocket Office is ideally located off of the Flex room, nestled into a private space.

WHERE TO FIND IT: The Ivy at the Townes at Notting Place and the Highland at the Overlook at Hancock Village.


The Greater Richmond area puts on a show every season! And we’ve created the ideal 3-Season Room to bridge Great Outdoors and Great Indoors. With an easy-to-operate window and door system, you’ll be able to enjoy the cool breeze when it’s hot outside or close it up during the cooler nights. The 3-Season Room is as versatile as it is welcoming — and we’re certain it will be among the favorite spaces in your new StyleCraft home.

WHERE TO FIND IT: Available as an option in all Townes at Notting Place and Mosaic at West Creek floor plans.


A second-floor loft is a smart use of space for entertaining and relaxing — as well as a welcome retreat for family and friends staying overnight. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or Living Up in a 55-plus community, a second-floor loft will elevate your quality of life.

WHERE TO FIND IT: The Ivy at the Townes at Notting Place and the Highland at the Overlook at Hancock Village.