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Live Up Philosophy

Live Up

We believe a home is a living, breathing thing — that the design and details of a home shape the lives of those who live within it. And that regardless of your stage in life — whether you’re a single parent, newly married or married with children, working hard or ready to live the life you’ve worked hard to enjoy — you’re entitled to a home that makes it easier for you to live your best life.

    We create homes for people who want more from their lives, and we call this approach “Live Up.” It’s a simple philosophy at the heart of everything we do. It’s why we don’t merely design and build homes. Rather, we offer Lifestyles — Gateway Homes with a convenient, simplified home building experience — StyleCraft Expressions Homes for families uniquely on the grow and on the go — and StyleCraft Freestyle Homes for active adults wishing to live the lifestyle they’ve earned without sacrificing the quality and personal touches they’ve enjoyed and desire.

    All StyleCraft homes are quality homes designed and built — based upon what our buyers and the market told us — to today’s lifestyles. Each offers its own unique building experience and each offers multiple floorplans and design options. We also work with industry-leading architects who carefully study the way people live in their homes – how they work, rest, play and reconnect with one another.

    In fact, “Live Up” requires we redesign floor plans every few years to reflect the current way people live. It’s also why we listen closely to you, to make sure your new home is tailored to your lifestyle, your life and how you live it.

    So while our homes within each Lifestyle are constructed with pine and oak, and appointed with stainless steel and granite, they are built around people and the way they live. Each room is created to enhance everyday experiences — every kitchen is designed to look beautiful and make it easy to prepare a delicious meal. Our main living area rooms are open, spacious, accessible and tech-ready — designed for the way you live, relax, entertain and interact in a digital age.

    Moreover, StyleCraft Homes are priced right all year long — so you’re free to buy when you want to buy, without worry of regretting the timing of your purchase later on. Paying the right price now better protects your equity over the life of your home, too.

    At StyleCraft, we work tirelessly to build homes that live like new long after closing day, homes that Live Up to the highest expectations — yours.