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Life At StyleCraft

Picture Yourself at StyleCraft

We design our Model Homes so that homebuyers can easily picture themselves living there. And then we seamlessly deliver that experience. We take the same approach with our careers, so take a moment to picture yourself working at StyleCraft Homes.

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      Pam makes a first impression that will Live Up, greeting visitors, answering phones, addressing warranty tickets, and passionately providing support throughout the company. When you manage an area abuzz with this much activity, you need to love what you do. And at StyleCraft, that part is easy.

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      Teamwork doesn’t just happen. We very intentionally build rapport and camaraderie among employees with quarterly outings.

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      Our office environment is designed for real-time communication, as exhibited by our community work island. Here we huddle up face-to-face to develop solutions for new floor plans and even troubleshoot small snags without spending the whole day managing an email inbox or returning voicemail.

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      You know those organizations where all important conversations take place during meetings? This isn’t one of them. Here we go with the flow, never putting up walls to productivity as we chase down ideas the moment the light bulb begins glowing.

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      We design our floor plans in house — right here, specifically. Creating versatile floor plans includes tapping into customer feedback, reflecting relevant design trends, and making sure they stand out for all the right reasons.

    But Don’t Take It From Us

    We can talk about how StyleCraft careers Live Up all day long, but wouldn’t you rather hear about it straight up from the employees themselves? Good, because we got a few together and asked for their unfiltered take on working here.

    • Back in 2012, I moved to Virginia to work at StyleCraft… Fresh out of college, thousands of dollars in student loan debt, barely a dollar to my name. My apartment furniture consisted of 2 folding beach chairs and 1 air mattress with a hole in it that I had to pump up every night when I got home. After about two months of living down here, StyleCraft had a model home furniture sale and I was able to purchase a real bed, but nothing else. It didn’t matter — I was SO excited about having a real bed that I told my supervisor, who passed along my excitement to Richard. Next thing I know, Richard is telling me to go to the model sale and take what I need to fully furnish my apartment. For free. I remember going home that night, crying with happiness to my family on the phone about how the President at the company I worked for did this amazing thing to help out some 22-year-old he barely knew. I’ve spent the last 5 years working as hard as I can to pay back this amazing gesture, and will continue to do so for the rest of my days here.

      Chantelle Woodcock | Purchasing Agent
    • I like the collaborative environment and the opportunity to play a part in creating a new community for our future customers to call home.

      Howie Long | Land Acquisition Manager
    • My most memorable day at StyleCraft was our company outing at Devil’s Backbone/Wintergreen where I received Rookie of the Year. That is my proudest moment thus far and my biggest achievement. It felt so good to know that my peers and managers recognized my hard work. And brewery hopping combined with sledding that day was just the cherry on top!

      Dorothy Willis | Sales Consultant
    • I came from a big box company and wanted something different — I guess more than being another number in the shuffle. I interviewed with my now boss, Jess, and could tell it was a family-built business by the way she described the culture, but with processes (yay!). She not only cared about my skill set, but got to know my personality. It really made me feel that StyleCraft was looking for not just the right talent, but the right person to fit into their family business.

      Cathy Phan | Office Manager
    • StyleCraft is a great company to work for because they are very supportive of their employees. It is a growing company that maintains the feel of a small family business. They have created a work environment with a healthy balance of both fun and hard work

      Pam Oglesby | Receptionist

    A Day in the Life

    No day is typical at StyleCraft Homes. But these windows into our employees’
    working world will show how your careers Live Up, one day at a time.

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