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What are Quick Move-In Homes?

February 22, 2024

While looking at homebuilders for your new construction home, you may have come across the term “Move-In Ready Homes.” Or if you’re looking at StyleCraft, you’ve probably run across our “Quick Move-In Homes.”

Move-In-Ready Homes and Quick Move-In Homes are essentially the same. But what exactly are they? Are they right for you? And what are the benefits? We’ll break it all down…


The ground is broken. The walls may already be up. And sometimes, the welcome mat is awaiting your arrival.

Quick Move-In Homes are homes that are already under construction, which can considerably expedite the time it takes for your new home to be move-in ready. With Quick Move-In Homes, floor plans have been selected and design features may already be dialed in.

We build these homes because we know that some homebuyers need a faster turnaround. And when we build Quick Move-In Homes, we don’t take any decision lightly. Our team carefully selects the homesite, floor plan, and elevation, while our experienced Design Team lends a hand with deciding the design features. All of this adds up to a highly desirable home that complements the greater community.

So, whether you choose to purchase a Quick Move-In Home when it’s in the earliest stage of construction, or it’s already outfitted with state-of-the-art appliances, know that you’ll be Living Up in a home that’s built with you in mind.


Oftentimes, homebuyers who have a short timeline for moving in will have to resort to resale homes. With Quick Move-In Homes, you get all the benefits of a new construction home, without the typical new construction wait. Of course, time may have nothing to do with it. You may simply prefer the idea of a new, modern home, but don’t want to make the design decisions before seeing your dream home come to life — that’s where Quick Move-In Homes come into play. All-in-all, Quick Move-In Homes are a great fit for those in a time crunch, and everything in between.


We’ve narrowed down the many benefits of going the Quick Move-In Home route into the top five most compelling.

  1. The obvious benefit — less waiting. It’s almost not fair; you get that new home look and feel without the traditional waiting period. From brand-new appliances to built-in technology, it’s all there waiting for you.
  2. No match game. Cut out endless hours of comparing this countertop to that flooring, and instead have our expert home designers choose backsplashes, lighting, and other selections that all work together. An added bonus? Some homes even come with a Design Studio credit, allowing you to personalize your home, your way.
  3. Walk the walk. You don’t have to imagine walking through your new home if you can actually walk through it. And Quick Move-In Homes can provide that unique opportunity.
  4. Don’t bust the budget. A Quick Move-In home comes with one price — no added expenses or surprise costs to break the bank or push you over your loan amount.
  5. One more way to Live Up. Moving should never be an experience that leaves you feeling boxed in. Quick Move-In Homes simply provide another great option for your next move.

Check out some other benefits in our article about move-in ready homes.

Are you considering StyleCraft’s Quick Hove-In Homes? Browse through all of our currently available Quick Move-In Homes and contact us today.