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Twice as Nice: The Many Benefits of a Dual Owner’s Suite

October 15, 2019

You know what’s easier than counting sheep to get to sleep?

Counting owner’s suites. And if you get to two — a home design trend known as a Dual Owner’s Suite — odds are you and your better half will be sleeping better than ever in a room of your own. Of course, that’s just one benefit of Dual Owner’s Suites. Here’s a closer look at why they’re becoming more popular in StyleCraft homes and communities all over, whether you’re a millennial or a 55 and better homebuyer.


Let’s start out with the most obvious benefit of a Dual Owner’s Suite: better sleep! Not all sleep partners share the same habits. Sometimes, you’re a night owl and your partner is an early riser. Other times, you like to fall asleep with the TV on, and your bedmate needs absolute silence. Or potentially even more problematic, sometimes one of you sleeps without making a peep — and the other snores, snores, snores. (Note: this scenario sparked a nickname for the Dual Owner’s Suite: the “Snore and More Room.” The one in our Shenandoah floor plan includes an Owner’s Bath with easy access from both suites.) Whether you’re fighting over the ceiling fan setting or playing tug of war with the comforter, a Dual Owner’s Suite can be a peacemaker come bedtime.


A bedroom is a bedroom in name alone. And a StyleCraft Dual Owner’s Suite is a versatile room that can serve nearly any purpose. This includes creating the popular tandem of a home office-and-bedroom-in-one, so you can burn the midnight oil without disturbing the peace. And even if you do choose to outfit each half of the Dual Owner’s Suite as traditional bedrooms, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the spaces in the waking hours. Take the opportunity to customize each suite so that it’s a welcome, familiar refuge reflecting the style of whoever lays their head on the pillow at the end of each day.


Because families and households are defined in dozens of different ways, homes need to be built to accommodate each of their unique needs. The Dual Owner’s Suite is a friend to multi-generational households, providing multiple bedrooms for family members to Live Up with plenty of comfort and privacy. Maybe it’s a parent moving in, a sibling who needs a room for a few months, or a distant cousin looking to crash for a night. Whatever the scenario, the Dual Owner’s Suite provides the built-in convenience to make everyone feel at home.

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