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Step Up to First-Floor Living

April 11, 2018

Many of today’s homebuyers have made it clear that they prefer not to spend their days going up and down the stairs over and over again. It might be because they want their owner’s suite close to the laundry room. Or because they want to grab a late-night snack without first grabbing a flashlight, assembling a search party, and hoping there’s not a roller skate or toy truck waiting on the steps below. But homeowners also don’t want to miss out on the space and amenities that extra floors can provide.

With first-floor living homes — that is, multi-floor homes with first-floor owner’s suites — homeowners can have their midnight munchies and eat them, too. At StyleCraft Homes, we’ve designed floor plans that provide all the comforts and conveniences you desire on one level without sacrificing the extra space on additional floors. We’re not just talking about 55-plus homes, either; this is “one story” everyone can get behind.

Here is a closer look at why homes with a first-floor owner’s suite are gaining more and more buzz:


We’ve all been there; maybe we’re putting away clean laundry or decking the halls for the holidays, and it seems like we’ve gone up and down for hours on end. It doesn’t have to be this way. First-floor living provides a convenient layout and flow, minimizing the space between our favorite living areas. In addition to putting the owner’s suite, living room, and other areas all on one level, homeowners in communities such as Greenwich Walk Villas will enjoy easy access to the three-season room from the owner’s suite.


Maybe you’ve moved enough. And you’re seeking one great spot to Live Up without entertaining the thought of packing up again down the road. First-floor living makes a lot of sense for this scenario, in large part because it allows homeowners to age in place without sweating needing to use the stairs. But if you think or even know you’ll be moving again, first-floor living homes also check the right boxes. That’s because first-floor bedrooms are popular among homebuyers, from those still wrangling the small kids to families with older children — and especially empty-nester active-adults.


Thankfully, our first-floor living floor plans come with a second floor included, or the option to add one if so desired. Because sometimes you need those stairs because you have fitness trackers to fill up. And other times you need a little privacy, a little room to breathe, and having multiple floors can help make it all happen. Again, let’s start with the wee ones. Dedicating a floor to the kids gives the adults their own space, and the kids an entire floor to spread their toys around. Also think about those times when you’re entertaining out-of-town guests who may value a little extra privacy. If you can identify any of these scenarios, consider our Appomattox floor plan. This two-floor home features one first-floor bedroom and up to three upstairs, which are a big help if you’re often hosting extended family or simply looking to grow yours.

First-floor living pairs well with so many families and lifestyles. It’s versatile, convenient, and comfortable. To learn more about StyleCraft’s first-floor living floor plans, contact us at 804.523.HOME today!