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Outdoor Living Areas: Explore the Great Outdoors From Your Couch

September 6, 2017

There is something to be said for bird watching from your favorite recliner. Or entertaining family and friends outdoors in the rain, without a drop of water touching anyone’s head. Or you might just like the idea of sipping your morning coffee and reading the paper in your slippers as you watch the sun rise and world awaken.

StyleCraft’s outdoor living areas make all this happen, and so much more. But to get the most out of these highly functional spaces, you need to be very intentional with your design choices. Here are some tips to ensure your outdoor living area is your favorite place inside or outside your home.

Divide and Conquer

This isn’t a space where you just go with the flow. No, to maximize your outdoor living area, you’ll want to slice and dice the area up, creating zones that each have their own purpose. For example, plan a book nook for relaxation, another spot to dine al fresco, and so on. This will allow you to create traffic patterns for family and guests to move around while efficiently using the space. An added bonus: it helps to keep conversation to one area when entertaining!

Mix it Up

Your seating shouldn’t be an afterthought. Opt for modular seats so that you can mix and match, and easily rearrange on the fly. Also think about benches for your dining area, and chairs that can be moved throughout the space based on your need. Just be sure to stick to the golden rules of outdoor areas: create a traffic pattern — and don’t over-clutter! Oh, that and no inflatable furniture… just because.

Pick Furniture that Multi-tasks

Opt for benches, coffee tables, and other pieces that include thoughtfully designed storage space. Or select side tables that can be put into double duty, also serving as a bench or stool. By choosing versatile pieces, you’ll avoid crowding out your guests.

One More Bright Idea…

Whether it’s Christmas morning or a cool summer night, fireplaces bring people together. (You don’t even need s’mores or campfire songs, but it helps.) Not only will a fireplace heat up the room and brighten the mood, but it provides a focal point, with all of the furnishings and decorations acting as supporting components. 

There is just something about soaking in fresh air and sunlight without leaving your home — and without sharing your space with bugs, critters and who knows what else. The outdoor living area should be your best area, hands down, and with a little planning you can make it happen.