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Out of the Car & Into Your Home: Why Front Porch Design Matters

June 13, 2024

Whether you have a big front porch that’s your favorite perch to relax and read a book, or it’s just a small landing you pass through without a second thought, it’s always looming large in the eyes of potential homebuyers.

Your front porch is the focal point of your curb appeal, casting the critical first impression you don’t get a second chance to make. That’s why we’ve put together some economical front porch ideas to make sure it’s eye-catching in every way possible.

Five Front Porch Ideas

Think about front door design

A door isn’t just your gateway to the outside world, a boundary that keeps solicitors and feral cats at bay. It’s so much more and it should be treated as such. Having a ho-hum door design suggests that what lies beyond it is ordinary as well, so consider adding a splash of color, a seasonal wreath, or a stylish door hanging. After all, you never know if the person knocking on the other side is the one who’s going to be the next to call your house “home.”

Make sure you follow a theme

When it comes to interior spaces, you carefully coordinate patterns and colors. But what about the outdoors? Be sure to match exterior appliances and hardware, from mailboxes and lighting fixtures to floor mats and benches. Choose colors and finishes that match your style; for example, bronze fits more traditional decor, while nickel meshes better with contemporary homes.

Light it up

You may think of outdoor lighting for security or convenience — trying to find the front door keyhole in the pitch-black is never fun. But open up to exterior illumination as a bright idea to add welcoming warmth to your front porch. Options include adding a small table with a lamp, stylish new light fixtures, or even cutting-edge solar fixtures that don’t require any rewiring.

Grow interest

Plants are an effective and easy fix for a front porch that needs a little love. Dig into the latest trends by trying your hand at container gardens — you can find the grab-and-go variety at your local garden center.

Step it up

Are the steps leading up to your porch or landing as forgettable as what you ate for lunch yesterday? Is your welcome mat an unwelcome sight? Bring your porch to the next level by adding tile or painting an eye-catching design right on your doorstep. Think black and white tile, stone, or adding a color that complements your new, colorful door.

Set Up Your Front Porch for Success

It’s time to see your front porch through the eyes of potential homebuyers. With a little elbow grease and a couple of bucks, you can create a look that raises your curb appeal — and convinces those homebuyers slowly driving by to park and see the whole house!

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