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New Year, New Home: Tips for Buying a New Home in the Richmond Area

January 14, 2020

New year, new home.

It’s an idea that makes sense on a lot of levels. After all, what if buying a house in Richmond VA included amenities such as walking trails to stay active and community gathering spots ripe for making new friends? And what if those same new construction homes in Richmond VA featured wide-open floor plans to make entertaining family and friends easier than ever?

We think you’ll see that when you create a pros and cons list, StyleCraft’s Richmond area communities tie together a lot of potential 2020 resolutions. And that makes the concept of “new year, new home” more than an idea — it makes it an effective solution for enhancing your family’s overall quality of life. Let’s take a closer look at how upgrading from your current residence and buying a StyleCraft home in Richmond VA is an incredibly smart decision. We’ve even laid out some logical steps to guide you through the thought process…


Still skeptical that moving up to StyleCraft’s new construction homes in Richmond VA can elevate your lifestyle in many ways? OK, try this: take out a pad and pencil and create a pros and cons list of staying in your current residence vs. Living Up in a StyleCraft home. Start by listing the areas of your current home you’d like to change. For example…

  • Size it up: Do you need to upsize your current residence for a growing family? Are you instead looking to downsize so you’re not heating and cleaning empty rooms? Or are you 100% content with the size, but maybe not the layout…
  • Take inventory of rooms: Is your home office also your guest room and storage area? Or do you have plenty of rooms, but none big enough for hosting gatherings?
  • Feature envy: Always dreamed of having a fireplace? Or an outdoor living area? Or what about a kitchen island that makes meal prep a breeze?
  • Think outside the house: New year, new home is about more than the actual home. It’s actually about the greater community you call home, too. Just how convenient is your location to work and your favorite place to grab a bite on Friday night? Are the schools highly rated? And what about those neighbors?

Once you’ve answered some tough questions about your current residence in a pros and cons list, you’ll be much closer to knowing if you’re truly on the hunt for new construction homes in Richmond VA.


Whether you’re in the neighborhood for new townhomes in Richmond VA, homes built for those 55 and better in mind, or the bigger the better, you need to answer a question first: where in the Richmond area do you want to reside? Don’t worry if you don’t know where you want to be, we’ve got a cheat sheet to help you dial in your short list.

  • Glen Allen, VA: This popular area in Henrico County’s West End has transformed the home some of Greater Richmond’s most popular suburbs over the past several decades. It’s even been included among Money Magazine’s “Top 100 Places to Live.” Our Glen Allen communities include Chickahominy Falls and Twin Oaks.
  • Chesterfield, VA: Buying a house in Richmond VA often leads you to Chesterfield County. The fast-growing southern suburb hugs the James River and boasts some of the top schools, including Cosby High School. Our Chesterfield communities include Harper’s Mill, The Overlook at Hancock Village, Townes at Notting Place, and Villas at Ashford Hill
  • Midlothian, VA: This Chesterfield County village was founded as a coal town, roots that can still be traced with a stroll through Mid-Lothian Mines Park. Midlothian is known in the Richmond area for its thriving retail and restaurant scene, bustling neighborhoods, as well as top schools and healthcare facilities. Our Midlothian communities include Cambria Cove and Hartford Hill Townes
  • Moseley, VA: New year, new home sounds even better when you can strike the ideal balance of tranquility and convenience. This is exactly what you’ll find in Mosely, which is just a bit — but not too far off — Chesterfield and Powhatan Counties’ beaten paths. Our Moseley communities include Greenwich Walk Townhomes & Villas at FoxCreek.
  • Henrico, VA: Your pros and cons list for making the move to Henrico County includes being close to Richmond International Airport, being within minutes of I-95 and I-64, and sending the kids to some of the best schools in the area. Our Henrico communities include New Market Village and Saunders Station Townes.

There’s more than one pros and cons list to write up and weigh when you’re considering a move. Don’t forget take a closer look at the benefits of buying a house in Richmond VA of the new construction variety vs. a resale home. Here are some factors to consider…

  • Location: Imagine the advantage of choosing a neighborhood in the right location for your family — and even picking the specific homesite you want to build on.
  • Craftsmanship: Knowing who’s building your home — and everything going into your Richmond area home — simply cannot be underestimated.
  • Design: What good is the new year, new home promise if you don’t have the ability to express yourself inside and outside your new home? With StyleCraft homes, you have the freedom to choose structural, interior, and exterior options that reflect your style.
  • Appliances: Sick of constantly repairing the aging appliances at your current residence? Well, moving to a resale home can mean more of the same. New state-of-the art appliances await at StyleCraft’s Richmond area homes.
  • Warranty: Buying a new home in Richmond VA doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. We’ll stand behind your home long after closing day with our in-house warranty team, providing peace of mind for the long haul.
  • Amenities: Fresh amenities turn neighbors into friends — and they help you check off all those resolutions, from staying active to finding a new hobby.

Perhaps the biggest knock on buying a new construction home in the Richmond area is having to wait a bit to move in. But StyleCraft offers options to meet your needs whether you desire to be in your new construction home ASAP or time is on your side. Here’s a closer look:

  • To-Be-Built Homes: This is the traditional timeline for buying new construction homes in Richmond VA. You make every selection from start to finish and we get to work. At StyleCraft, you’ll find this to be a highly transparent process with ample touchpoints connecting homebuyers and our dedicated team.
  • Quick Move-In Homes: Ready to move sooner than later? Our Quick Move-In Homes are homes that we begin constructing for homeowners who have a shortened timeline. Some Quick Move-In Homes are ready to go, while others are partially through the building process. Either way, they give you plenty of flexibility to nail difficult timelines.

New year, new home may sound like an overwhelming idea. But we make it easy at StyleCraft — and you’ll reap rewards that go above and beyond homeownership for years to come.