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Beyond the Blueprint: The Inside Story on Pre-Drywall Orientation

June 20, 2019

You talked to our team. You reviewed the website. You drove through our communities and walked through our Model Homes. But you’re still curious: what’s it really like to build a home with StyleCraft? We’re glad you asked. In our “Beyond the Blueprint” series, we’ll follow Sue, a real homebuyer who’s excited to call the Villas at Ashford Hill home. Join us as we part the curtain and discover why the StyleCraft Building Experience Lives Up from start to finish — and beyond.

It may just be the most dramatic transition in the homebuilding process: advancing to the Pre-Drywall Orientation. That’s because the last time we joined Sue, she was touring a dirt homesite, with a plat map and stakes as her guides.

Now the foundation has been poured. Teams have been plugging away at the electrical and plumbing work — giving us a living, breathing home. We invited Sue back to see the progress during the Framing stage, which we call this the Pre-Drywall Orientation.

Anyway you looked at it — Sue’s home is now a home. And here’s what her experience entailed…

About the Pre-Drywall Orientation

First things first: in no way does the name “Pre-Drywall Orientation” capture the excitement of walking through your home for the first time. And when we say excitement, we mean it. Homebuyers are visiting their homes just as the mechanical stage has been completed, meaning HVAC, electrical, and even roofing have all been checked off. It’s a unique and special time to see key construction details evolve in front of you. This is when we flesh out and fine-tune the inner-workings to bring your vision of this new home into clearer focus.

Sue’s First Tour of Her Home

While the outside of Sue’s new home was clearly emerging as the one in her designs, the in-progress inside also offers several hints at what’s to come. Here Sue and Lin, her Project Manager, encountered 2X4 studs with telling labels of which room lay where. The electrical workings were also revealed for the first time, as Lin showed Sue where USB outlets would live — even revealing the floor outlet added to the family room.

Sue was seeing her floor plan come to life in a truly organic home tour experience. And it’s a view that will be here today and gone tomorrow. That’s because as soon as StyleCraft’s Quality Assurance Manager visits the home to complete a Pre-Drywall Inspection — meticulously comparing plans with the current structure of the home and noting the completion of all structural options — it will be time for the Drywall & Insulation phase of the homebuilding process to begin.

Beyond the Blueprint: What’s Next?

So far during Sue’s homebuilding process, she’s completed her Pre-Design, Design, Pre-Construction, and Homesite Orientations — and now the Pre-Drywall Orientation is checked off.

As noted above, next up is the interior drywall, while siding & brick work continues on the home’s exterior. Sue’s next orientation is her Pre-Settlement Orientation, which will take place the same day that she officially closes on her home!

That’s right, we’re almost home. Thanks for joining us so far on this homebuilding journey and get ready for the exciting conclusion.

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