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June 1, 2016

Today we’re celebrating the 40th birthday of StyleCraft Homes CEO Richard Kuhn. We couldn’t think of a better way to do that than by sharing how Richard embodies our unique “Live Up” philosophy — the idea taking things a step up from the ordinary — in all aspects of his life.

The following ideas are all inspired by Richard’s unique approach to business and personal well-being. We hope you’ll enjoy this wit and wisdom, even if you don’t agree with it all. And if you see Richard, be sure to wish him a happy birthday!

— The StyleCraft Homes Team

1. Fine homes and wines — neither should ever come in a box.

2. We can all learn from Disney: the inviting theme park environment, the customer-centric employees (or “cast members”), and the fact that it’s fine for a 4-year-old and 40-year-old to dress exactly alike.

3. Take a hike. Literally. It’s a healthier route from here to there.

4. Anyone who believes salads are boring doesn’t know that there are five types of lettuce. And an infinite list of dressings.

5. Don’t settle for subpar shoes. Go out and grab a nice pair or two. Free your feet and complement your wardrobe.

6. Don’t sleep on the Metric System.

7. Fact: no one has ever forgotten how to ride a bike. So what’s your excuse?

8. Sometimes the best hotel rooms are on wheels. Consider an RV for your next family getaway.

9. Pet a dog. Preferably your dog. Don’t have one? Visit the SPCA. (Hint: Boxers make great companions — and reliable low-tech home security systems.)

10. Get to know the names of the trees in your yard. If you don’t have one, plant one.

11. Patience is a virtue. But spontaneity is enthralling. That’s why some people build homes, and others seek out the right move-in-ready models. We love’em both!

12. Oven, story-telling muse, heater, mood setter and organic bug zapper: the outdoor fire pit.

13. Backyard Gardens > Backyard Pools. (A healthy meal is rooted in fresh organic vegetables. But you can’t even drink pool water.)

14. Good times to downsize: When the kids leave for college. Or you keep getting lost in your back yard.

15. America runs on small, family-owned businesses. Dunkin’ Donuts needs a new slogan.

16. The best sports involve parachutes, bungee cords and carabineers. Engines are fun, too.

17. Red wine drinkers live longer than vodka drinkers. Choose wisely.

18. Without computer-aided design (CAD), we’d all live in the same ho-hum floor plan.

19. Learn cycling hand signals, even if you don’t ride. It might save a life. Or at least keep your insurance premiums low.

20. Punctuality is stylish, especially when you have the right watch for every occasion.

21. Value isn’t about creating the lowest price point. It’s about maximizing everything you get for that price.

22. The community amenities that matter most: our neighbors. Cherish yours. Or build a really nice fence.

23. The Breakfast of Champions: an omelet made with the fresh eggs collected from your backyard chicken coup.

24. Nine out of 10 bear attack survivors don’t quit hiking.

25. When you’re building something special, it’s OK to sweat the small stuff. These details are often the work’s defining characteristics.

26. Trade the 5-star resort for the campground, at least once. (They’ll yell at you for roasting marshmallows in your corner suite, anyways.)

27. A smart home isn’t built on innovation alone. It’s built on a floor plan that’s designed around how real people live.

28. Home building and renovating can burn 306 calories an hour on average. A weekend DIY project can be quite the workout.

29. Favorite fast food lunch: salads. Seriously, they only take like 5 minutes to make.

30. Open, versatile spaces make the family happy. So do trips to Disney World.

31. Homes should be built to grow with families for as long as they can.

32. Dear aspiring home owners… there is no reason your first home can’t be your dream home.

33. You don’t need to worry about finding the right desk chair when you go chair-less. Standing is the new sitting at work.

34. Who said vacations had to be relaxing? You can do that when you get back home.

35. You don’t need a home gym to stay in shape. Just step outside.

36. Need to upgrade the family mini-van? Try an ATV. Or several.

37. With the right size kitchen, there are never too many cooks.

38. Why buy an umbrella for your back yard when you have a perfectly fine tree?

39. Three cheers for Bourbon, especially local Bourbon. Check out Reservoir Distillery in Richmond.

40. 40 can easily Live Up to 30. Heck, it can surpass it.