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The Burroughs: New 55 Plus Homes in Richmond’s Only Agrihood

The Burroughs at Chickahominy Falls in Hanover, VA

September 27, 2023

Welcome to Chickahominy Falls—Richmond’s only 55+ Agrihood, where sustainability and convenience meet in one premier community.

Explore StyleCraft’s newest section in this award-winning community and discover the benefits of living in an Agrihood.

What is an Agrihood?

At its heart, an Agrihood is about forming a deeper connection with the land and embracing a more sustainable lifestyle. At Chickahominy Falls, homeowners enjoy amenities that are rooted in nature. This community takes farm-to-table provisions to the next level with access to its working farm, Woodside Farms, and joining social clubs that allow you to show off your culinary skills—idyllic for those who love helping with seasonal harvest, or who simply enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the source.

To learn more about agrihoods, click HERE.

Benefit #1: Farm-To-Table Living

Embracing sustainability and the organic, farm-to-table lifestyle, homeowners at Chickahominy Falls have everything they need right on their doorstep. The farm-to-table lifestyle comes with plenty of benefits, too, like:

  • Fresh Flavors: Compared to processed foods, food “off-the-vine” explodes with flavor and immediately takes dishes to the next level.
  • Natural Ingredients: Feel confident in knowing where your food is sourced and that there are no harmful preservatives or chemicals that are found in some processed foods.
  • Nutritional Value: Rest assured you are receiving the most amount of nutrients from your meal.
  • Supporting Local Farmers: Supporting Woodside Farms means supporting the farmers who dedicate their time and energy to growing and harvesting the freshest food possible.

Benefit #2: A Strong Sense of Community

When neighbors share common values, it creates a solid foundation for a strong sense of community. That’s precisely what built the sense of community at Chickahominy Falls! The homeowners regularly come together for a wide range of activities, including cooking classes, harvesting, recreational pursuits, and more. What unites them are their shared principles — residing in an Agrihood that prioritizes sustainability and the sense of a tight-knit community.

Benefit #3: Active & Healthy Lifestyle

The heart of Chickahominy Falls is The Farmhouse Campus. Here, homeowners will find a fishing pond, veranda, swimming pool with sun deck, Silo Bar, entertaining kitchen, fitness center, and more. From walking trails to biking paths and fitness group programs, a healthy lifestyle is woven into the shared community values.

Chickahominy Falls: Beyond the Agrihood

StyleCraft has a special bond with Chickahominy Falls as one of the founding buildings in the community. Having developed both single-family homes and townhomes in the original two sections, we are thrilled to be back in this award-winning community with our third section of homesites: The Burroughs!

Expect these key features at The Burroughs:

  • New villas designed for those 55+
  • 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, and 2,003 square feet of living space
  • Flex Rooms and second-floor bedroom, ideal for entertaining family and friends
  • Low-maintenance living complete with included lawn care
  • Ideal location near the community amenities
  • The unique opportunity to add your personal touch to your new home at our Design Studio. Personalize your home's interior and exterior in one place — all with the help of our talented New Home Design Consultants
  • Quick Move-In Homes that will allow you to Live Up sooner than later

To learn more about life in Chickahominy Falls, visit The Burroughs at Chickahominy Falls, then start planning your visit to tour The Burroughs and secure your new home!