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Building Experience

Stylecraft’s expressions & freestyle homeowner guide

Our StyleCraft Expressions & StyleCraft Freestyle Homeowner Guides provide everything a homebuyer needs to know about buying, building, and owning a StyleCraft home. Not only will this Guide accompany our homeowners throughout their entire homebuilding experience, but it is a great resource for home maintenance tips and tricks, which can be used long after closing day. To view this guide, click the buttons below.


1. Create Your Personalized Agreement.

Now that you’ve chosen the StyleCraft Expressions or Freestyle community and floor plan that’s right for you, it’s time for your contract appointment. This affords your New Home Sales Consultant and our preferred lenders the time to solidify your selections in the form of an Agreement, a contract establishing the responsibilities of each party throughout the home building/home buying experience. A more personalized building experience, including key dates, is developed utilizing information specific to your home and the selections you’ve chosen.

    2. Submit Your Loan Application.

    When shopping for your new home, visions of gorgeous kitchens, luxurious owner’s baths and oversized closets may dance in your head — clouding that you have a loan commitment due within 30 days of your signed Agreement. That’s why we’ve partnered with a few preferred lenders to lead you through the process and the various types of mortgages available — to help you select what is best for you and save you time and money along the way.

      3. Attend Your Structural Confirmation.

      The outside of your new home is a blank canvas — all it needs is an artist’s touch. Review our color collections for inspiration (provided in your CustomerLink portal — an online resource for everything you want to know about your home) and keep track of any questions you may have for your New Home Design Consultant. If applicable, you’ll select three exterior color schemes to submit for ARB approval and be one step closer to a picture-perfect home.

        4. Design Your Home Life.
        4. Design Your Home Life.

        Get Connected. Your Home Technology Selections.

        Today, we’re more connected than ever — so our homes should be, too. Meet with a Home Technology Integrator at our preferred wiring partner, Structured Cable of Virginia, and learn about all selections you have available. Talk through where you’d like to watch your favorite show or cheer on your sports team so that we can ensure you spend more time watching the big screen and less time fussing with wires. You can be as connected as you want to be.

        Free Yourself. Your Design Selections.

        Now is the time to think through how you would like to work, play, and rest in your new home. Simply plan how each room or space will work best for you and jot down your must-haves (or any items you can do without), plus any questions for your New Home Design Consultant. Then meet at our Design Studio, review all design selections available and select the ones you want. You’ll be making your new Freestyle home yours.

          5. Congratulations! Obtain Loan Commitment!

          Remember your Loan Application meeting? Well, congratulations! You have received a formal commitment letter from a mortgage lender. This mortgage approval gives us the green light to proceed with your Live Up Building Experience. It also prevents potential delays in construction of your new home and is most definitely a moment you’ll want to celebrate!

            6. Get Ready. Your Pre-Construction Meeting.

            Take off your design hat and put on your construction cap — it’s time to talk shop with your Project Manager! This meeting guides you through everything from blueprints and breaking ground to design selections, warranties and moving in — so be sure to note any questions prior to this meeting. They’ll also review team communications expectations, job site safety precautions and your estimated construction start date!

              7. Walk Through Your Homesite Review.

              Lace up your boots (or other closed-toed shoes) and get ready to walk every inch of your new yard. There, your Project Manager will do a 30-minute review of everything about your homesite, from location of utilities to orientation of home and driveway and upcoming schedule. Don’t forget to bring your copy of your plot plan, and a smile — in case you’d like to snap a photo next to your very own SOLD sign!

                8. Let The Fun Begin! Construction Start!
                8. Let The Fun Begin! Construction Start!

                Let’s go vertical! Construction start is an exciting time as your new Expressions or Freestyle home begins to take shape. From here on out, your Project Manager will work with our trade partners to construct your new home, meeting with you at critical points along the way. Be sure to check your CustomerLink portal, as your Project Manager will be posting photos of your new home at various construction milestones. A great photo album of home!

                  9. Bring Your Vision. Frame Stage Tour.

                  Put on the construction cap again — it’s time to meet your new home! Navigating through rooms of 2×4 studs can take some vision, so bring your Design Studio Floor Plan, as well as any questions you may have for your Project Manager. This is your opportunity to gain a better understanding of the construction of your home and placement of electrical, structured wiring, HVAC and plumbing systems. With a roof overhead, it won’t be long now!

                    10. See It For Yourself! Homeowner Orientation.

                    Your new home is nearly complete, which means you’ve earned front-row tickets to an interactive homeowner how-to! Just bring any questions you have for your Warranty Manager. StyleCraft stands by the quality of our homes, providing a complimentary, certified home inspection and report for your review. You’ll also learn how everything operates, review warranties (including your 10-year structural warranty) and your Expressions or Freestyle Maintenance Plan. You’re definitely the homeowner star of this production!

                      11. Get Your Keys! Home Confirmation Tour.
                      11. Get Your Keys! Home Confirmation Tour.

                      At this point, new homeowner anticipation is no doubt getting the best of you, so we promise to keep this short! This is the last time you will be our guest in your new home, as this is where we turn the keys over to you, making your home officially yours. It’s also your last review of your home’s completeness prior to closing, so ask your Warranty Manager any questions you may have.

                        12. Finally! Attend Settlement.

                        It’s finally here — the day your new Expressions or Freestyle home is officially your own! It’s also a busy time, as you coordinate moving, change of address, and transfer utilities — but don’t worry. We are here to help and to make settlement as seamless as possible. That’s why we partnered with Parker Pollard, one of the area’s best real estate law firms, to assist you on your settlement. Your Sales & Settlements Coordinator will schedule your settlement appointment and provide the pertinent details you need to know for settlement. Congratulations!

                          13. Move In!
                          13. Move In!

                          It’s yours! We wish you all the best as you move in, unpack and begin enjoying the lifestyle you’ve worked hard your entire life to be able to enjoy. Congratulations! And welcome home!

                            14. Enjoy A How-To Refresher. Primary Warranty Visit.

                            It’s been about six to eight weeks since you moved in, so you’re just starting to break-in your new home. If you’ve experienced any issues with life inside or out, be sure to jot them down. Your Warranty Manager is happy to help save the day!

                              15. Happy Anniversary! Schedule your Anniversary Warranty Visit.

                              It’s been nearly 10 months since the settlement of your home. We hope you’re enjoying living in it as much as we enjoyed building it! To ensure that your home lives like new long after move-in, we’ll dispatch our in-house Warranty Technicians, or the more aptly named “Fix It” fleet, to follow-up on your experience thus far. Be sure to ask any questions you have about your home!

                                16. Touch It Up. 1-Year Drywall & Paint Review.
                                16. Touch It Up. 1-Year Drywall & Paint Review.

                                You’re not the only one settling into your new home — your walls settle too. So, about one year after closing, be sure to contact your Warranty Technician to repair any nail pops, drywall, or paint touch-ups. You’ll need to submit your one-time drywall and paint-touch up certificate. (Just think of it as a complimentary face lift for the interior of your home!)

                                  Building experience events and duration may vary depending on community, lifestyle, floor plan type and size, the Purchaser’s adherence to responsibilities set forth in the Agreement, the Purchaser’s selections, receipt of necessary permits, county response times, and delays due to delivery of materials, weather, or acts of God. A more personalized building experience, including tentative key dates, will be provided to you after your Purchase Agreement. StyleCraft Homes will then communicate any delays to your personalized building experience as needed.

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